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Note: This portal is only for items covered on the original AOL-Files/FDO-Files, if you want even more underground or general AOL information, you can view our AOL Portal.

This portal is an archive and partial re-creation of AOL-Files.com, later known as FDO-Files.com. Most of the content here was taken from archives or recreated where possible. A few people have tried to create an archive, but so far this is the most complete one yet, probably because we ripped the entire available archives from the Wayback Machine (every single entry) and all other archives online, then with some scripting magic, made them as unique as possible before having to do the rest mostly manually.

The primary reason this archive was re-created here is because we also are re-creating the old AOL experience, so why not the underground as well? Plus if anyone else had been interested in dedicating this amount of time to it, they would have already.

At this time we own fdo-files.com, aol-files.com and all of the old URLs, where possible, redirect to their new URLs here so that there are as few broken links on old web sites as possible. Trust us, it took a hell of a long time to re-create this and there's still a lot of work to be done.

We haven't simply copied-and-pasted the old pages, at least not most of the time, we've also corrected grammar, fixed formatting, corrected information (not often required), or added links to more accurate (or complete) information elsewhere on this wiki, and fixed links to downloadable files if they could be found elsewhere. In cases where the same page was archived with slightly different content, such as this about page, we either use the one which looks best and is most informative, or we create an amalgam of the two. In a few cases an editor's note will appear at the top of the page with further information, links, or what have you.

A few confused yokels have mentioned that they "never heard of FDO-Files.com!!!!!", well it's true, it was re-created at one time as fdo-files.com. The reason for the two names is because AOL, Inc managed to use their trademark rights through ICANN to get the domain taken away because it had "AOL" in the name. They controlled it for many years, but like much else at AOL, especially since Verizon took over, they have given up on caring about anything and let the domain lapse and now... we've got it. Hopefully we can eventually give it a good home again.

Having said all that, here's the original about page:

FDO-Files.com is dedicated to providing AOL members with information on how the America Online service operates. This includes FDO, development tools, and new client information.

FDO-Files.com can become bigger and better with your help. If you wish to contribute an article, file, screen shot, FDO information, or anything, it would be greatly appreciated by the developers and fellow visitors.

Constant renovation and updating is always being done. So, if an error is spotted, whether a dead link, incorrect information, or a trivial grammatical error, then we would like to know about it. This site has been developed and is maintained by the staff of FDO-Files/AOL-Files.