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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Fafalone)

Session ID: 4645642
Welcome LBHS Jon ...
Connecting to server. Please wait...
Connected to na-members.web.aol.com
AOLTechJAE has joined this session!
AOLTechJAE: Hi there, My name is Paul, and I am happy to assist you on any questions or concerns you may have. Please understand that I am working with other people as well, and my responses may be a bit delayed.
AOLTechJAE: Before we begin, may I please have your first name so I may get to know you a little better? :o)
You: Hi, my name is Jon
AOLTechJAE: Nice to meet you Jon. How may I help you today? :-)
You: I would like to know where I can find more information on FDO91, AOL's language.
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, but I don't understand what you need help with. Would you please explain further?
You: Um, I think you know what I mean. FDO91 is what all the forms are written in... all the data exchange is handled by...
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, I have checked and I was unable to find any information about FDO91.
AOLTechJAE: can you please explain further regarding that form?
You: Let me get this straight, you work for AOL Tech Support, and don't know what FDO91 is?
You: Atoms? Tokens? Streams? You are not familiar with these?
AOLTechJAE: yes, and I have asked my other superiors and they are not familiar with it.
AOLTechJAE: may I know if you are referring to the AOL Tech team for programming? or the AOL Tech team for customer service like I am right now.
You: Not familiar or just denying knowledge of?
AOLTechJAE: we are not familiar with it.
You: America Online is built around FDO... everything on AOL uses FDO
You: everything you do on aol is done by fdo
AOLTechJAE: sorry.
AOLTechJAE: let me ask the Tech experts regarding this.
AOLTechJAE: may I ask why are you inquiring about FDO?
You: because i would like to know more about it
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, I have asked an AOL expert regarding this and he said that FDO is Internet information, only some AOL exployees use it.
AOLTechJAE: sorry for the inconvenience.
You: AOL expert is an oxymoron. yeah only programmers and content designers use it; i would just like to know more about it
AOLTechJAE: have you tried searching the Web regarding information about it?
You: well, i wanted official information. there's plenty of unofficial information out there on it... i know someone at aol has to have official tech info on it
AOLTechJAE: sorry, the information they are referring to is for selected AOL employees only and even I do not have access to it.
AOLTechJAE: if you want, you can try contacting AOL tech support in VA, they may be able to give you some insights regarding it.
AOLTechJAE: The number for AOL technical support is 1-888-346-3704 :-)
You: http://www.aol-files.com has alot of FDO information, can you confirm the legitemacy of the information?
AOLTechJAE: this is not a legitimate site from AOL.
You: but the information appears to be accurate... http://www.aol-files. com/fdo91/tutorial_faq.html
AOLTechJAE: anything from that file is not from AOL, it may be a site from another server.
You: :/ k.
AOLTechJAE: try calling the number, they may be able to help if possible.
You: I was told by another AOLTech, AOLTechJMA, that this was an official site published by AOL personnel
AOLTechJAE: I have confirmed it from our AOL Experts and it is not.
AOLTechJAE: if you check the site below, you will see that it has www. darkedigital.com web hosting.
AOLTechJAE: AOL uses its own Web hostings.
You: oh, ok.
You: what are your opinions of all the recent exploits on AOL? restricted names, quickcheckout info, indents...?
AOLTechJAE: sorry, we are unable to comment on those information.
You: why?
AOLTechJAE: those are Internal informations that AOL employees only knows.
You: um, cnn did a story on some of the exploits, ithe fact it happened is public
AOLTechJAE: I cannot give you any information about Internal data that is related to AOL and others.
You: Well I know it happened, I just want to know what you think of it
AOLTechJAE: sorry, we are not allowed to make comments.
You: what about AOL monitoring all of my messages?
AOLTechJAE: sorry, we are not allowed to give out any internal information.
You: the exploits are external information; it's public news
You: how do the exploits make you feel? good..bad..indifferent
AOLTechJAE: sorry, if it is public news, you can check it on CNN and other news sites.
You: can you help me modify my aol software so aol cannot spy on my other programs? they do that.
AOLTechJAE: sorry, I cannot.
You: how can i localize my software to display thigns using the cyrillic alphabet?
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, I will not give you any information that is related to Internal information on AOL.
You: define internal information
AOLTechJAE: you cannot change it, the default fonts on AOL displays are set to the Arial.
You: what is the definition of internal information
AOLTechJAE: Any information pertaining to AOL that is not for non-AOL employees is considered internal info.
You: but if aol has made a press release on something, wouldn't that make it no longer for just aol employees?
AOLTechJAE: anything that is written on those press releases are for the public to view, anything more than that is confidential.
You: and how is your opinion of public news internal information?
AOLTechJAE: I am unable to give any comments.
You: why? explain how it's internal information
You: because i don't think it is
You: personally, i think it's bad news... am i saying internal information with that
AOLTechJAE: May I assist you with any other AOL technical or service-related questions? =)
You: Does aol prosecute stolen accounts?
You: (the people who use them)
AOLTechJAE: we can only assist technical information about some "basic" AOL software use and its simple features.
You: well, whenever my friends are on stolen accounts for a while, the AOL software locks up... all the buttons get disabled... whats up with that
You: thats a tech problem
AOLTechJAE: that is caused by a virus that infected the computer.
AOLTechJAE: if your friend can scan and remove the virus there, the freezing on his computer will stop.
You: it's not frozen, the buttons are disabled in aol
AOLTechJAE: that is caused by the virus.
You: i think it's aol tracing them, and making sure they don'tsign off duringthe trace... is my theory correct?
AOLTechJAE: ask him to contact Norton or Mc Afee regarding this.
You: Ok, tech problem: after i make a screen name, aol sometimes deletes it
AOLTechJAE: to clarify, AOL deletes the newly created screen name?
AOLTechJAE: where does it get deleted?
AOLTechJAE: is it on the Sign on screen, on Keywords NAMES, or from the account itself?
You: it gets deleted as in removed from my account... i spend all that time making restricted names withFDO exploits and then AOL deletes them... how can i stop this
AOLTechJAE: if the screen name you have created is a restricted name from AOL it will be deleted.
You: they kill non-restricted screen names too... like 1 chars and invalid char names... they don't violate TOS but nope
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, that is how the AOL screen names are desugned.
You: designed to be deleted just because aol feels like deleting them?
AOLTechJAE: :-)
You: can you release names?
AOLTechJAE: those are the rules.
AOLTechJAE: I apologize, I am having problems with my computer, I will need to restart,,, just go to Keyword ASK THE STAFF, and return. thanks forr the conversation. Have a great day!
You: noo
AOLTechJAE has left this session!
The session has ended!