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This list of tokens has been compiled by the fdo-files.com staff members along with contributions from visitors like you. We encourage all to contribute and to the AOL-Files token list. With your help, it can be the most comprehensive up to date token list in existence.

These lists have four sections. The token, argument, form, and description. Tokens that result in the same thing are listed together under each section. So two tokens that each give the same error box are listed together in each section. The Arg section is for the argument. No argument means it is either raw, too many arguments to list, or a string is required. This can be construed from the description. The form is the global id of the form it can be found on.

Send the f1 token along with the ID to see a form that is the token or has a button with this token on it. Description is either the name of the button it can be found in, the message box the token results in, the caption of the form it results in, etc.

Please post your comments and contributions in the Token thread under the FDO section of the forums or mail them to staff@fdo-files.com.

Thank you, fdo-files.com Staff

Tokens: How To

(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Tau)

Tokens are used to access any area on AOL. For example, when you click any button on AOL a token is sent to open another window. Tokens are also used to perform operations like send Instant Messages and to send a message to a chat room.

If sending tokens and playing FDO streams is unfamiliar to you the steps are shown below.

1. To run an FDO stream save the stream to your hard drive. So to save the FDO stream below you would open up Windows Notepad, copy and paste the FDO stream, then save it. The file name does not matter.

2. In Star Tool click Play Text Stream. Navigate to the location where you saved the FDO stream then click Open.

Tokens are used to access any area on AOL. Tokens are two bytes are have one of three things that accompany it.


These tokens are sent raw, meaning it has no argument. For example, the TM token has no argument. This token brings up the Online Clock which can normally be accessed via My AOL > Online Clock.

To access any raw token you need save the following text stream onto your hard drive then run it via Play Text Stream in the Star Tool:

sm_send_token_raw <"token">

A value

These tokens are sent along with a value. The value will determine what window is brought up when the token is sent. For example, the token nx sent with the argument 1 starts the create screen name process. However, nx send along with 2 begins the delete screen name process. Note these are appreviated nx 1 and nx 2.

AOL usues a special algorithm to make abbreviate value arguments. Take f1 2103270 for example. Using the algorithm which BMB explains on his Global ID's tutorial, 2103270 can be converted to 32-6118. Therefore, f1 2103270 and f1 32-6118 are identical.

To access any token along with a value save the following text stream onto your hard drive then run it via Play Text Stream in the Star Tool

sm_m_send_token_arg <"token", arg>

Replace the token with the token you wish to send and arg with its argument.

A string

These tokens are sent along with a string that you input somewhere on the form that sends the token. For example, the Ln token, which is the locate member token, is sent with a screenname that was input on the Locate Member Online form. AOL sends the all the content of the form when OK is clicked using the de_ez_send_form atom. This is inconvenient though, because this will only work if the entire form is recreated. To send the token Ln along with a string is more complicated then sending it with a value. The string needs to be in hex.

Using the following method is how to send a token along with a string via FDO:

buf_start_buffer <9fx>
buf_set_token <"token">
buf_add_atom_data <string in hex format>

Therefore, to locate Steve Case you would replace the token with Ln. Using the hex converter I converted Steve Case to 53x, 74x, 65x, 76x, 65x, 20x, 43x, 61x, 73x, 65x Replace string in hex format with this data. Now run it via the Star Tool.

Token Sequences

Some tokens can only be accessed by sending a specific series of tokens before it. For example, the nx 1 token which begins the create screen name process will not do anything until the name process has been initiated by the nY token. Sending nx 1 without sending nY will not do anything. This is true with many tokens.