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This is for extended frequently asked questions beyond the main website FAQ to answer really specific questions that only come up once in a blue moon.

Supporter Status

How much do I pay to get access to AIM, ICQ, or anything else in gamma?

$5 USD one time, via any options here.

How much do I pay to get access to AOL or anything else in alpha?

You can join the alpha tier on Patreon or Boosty for $10 USD a month (Subscriber tier) or you can pay $50 USD all at once and have alpha access forever, including anything we have in the future which will be alpha. For more information and donation options, read more here.

How many UINs or screennames can I register?

While AIM/ICQ is in gamma, $5 gets you one UIN and one screenname (so one of each). If you join at the alpha tier (for AOL access as well) you can register 5 screennames.

Can I donate on someone else's behalf? Can I donate for a friend?

Yes, this is allowed, however that donation will never be applied to your account(s), no matter what happens between you and your friend. Our database will simply mark it as a donation from them.

Can I transfer my supporter status to someone else?

No. This isn't, however, because of money. Instead it has to do with a few issues which are best demonstrated by a "hypothetical" situation:

Tina is an alpha tier supporter, but isn't interested in using the service anymore. So she wants her supporter status moved to Pat. That's easy enough, so it's done. One year later Tina returns and says "I was an alpha supporter, can I have that status back?" She genuinely doesn't remember giving the status to anyone else and because the original conversation about the issue is now gone, it can't be proven.

As you can see it creates a few issues, the least of which it requires us to do additional tracking of where it was moved to. Tina technically did nothing wrong, she really doesn't remember giving it up, so she feels angry that we are now telling her she no longer had that status. It's just easier for us not to allow this.

You can, however, still donate on someone else's behalf and the finer details make it clear why that's still allowed.


Is Escargot down right now?

No. If you didn't see an announcement then it's not down, it's an issue you have. Please see other support areas for further help.