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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member BMB)

Hypah discovered this. I figured out how to do it using FDO.

Step 1:

Sign on as a new user.

Step 2:

Go through the entire registration process until you get to the form where you choose a screen name.

Step 3:

Kill the form where you enter the screen name using Tau's Modal Tool.

Step 4:

Send the following stream:

buf_start_buffer <9fx>
buf_set_token <"as">
uni_next_atom_typed <2020x>
buf_add_atom_data <"SCREEN NAME">

Replace SCREEN NAME with whatever name you want to be made. After sending that stream the screen name will be made with two spaces in front of it. To steal AIMs replace the 2020x with the first 2 characters of the name you want to steal and replace SCREEN NAME with the rest.