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AOL-Files Articles Downloads FDO91

Editor's note: This is specifically archived news related to the AOL-Files/FDO-Files site. Links have been updated where possible, otherwise noted if they are totally unavailable.


FDO-Files IRC back once again
Posted on October 26, 2004 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The FDO-Files IRC Server is back up at irc.fdo-files.com! We invite everyone to come chat there in #fdo-files.

Editor's note: See the Chat page for more up to date information.
Webmail Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
Posted on October 21, 2004 by eGawd (Original AOL-Files Staff)
There has been a vulnerability discovered in Webmail where an attacker can construct a URL that when clicked will allow a cross site scripting attack and can even allow cookies to be hijacked. For more information: AOL Webmail Vulnerability.

To discuss visit our forum (original link no longer available).
FDO-Files is back up
Posted on October 14, 2004 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
FDO-Files was down for several months due to circumstances beyond my control. We're back up now and we'll have fresh content and design soon. irc.fdo-files.com will come back soon too, so tell your friends!
AOL Library List
Posted on June 21, 2004 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I've compiled a list of all of the publicly accessible libraries on AOL. You can download the list by clicking here (Missing: godsmisfit/libraries.zip).To access a library, simply send the token 'eB' with the library number as the argument.Happy h4x0rz11ngingnggngng,
'AOL 9 Lite' Beta
Posted on June 18, 2004 by slushie (Original AOL-Files Staff)

In early beta stages right now is AOL's lightweight client, code-named Strauss. The welcome screen currently does not show up until you click a button for it, and then it says it is '7.0 Lite Welcome 1' of all things. This is a known issue... this really is AOL 9. The buddy list also sucks. Heh. It is buggy, yes, but it is lightweight. The installer is only about 12MB and it has many of the AOL 9 features without a lot of the bloat. It is worth checking out.Some Screen Shots:

Notice the new button format. They change color when you hover. It's actually pretty ugly.Download the Strauss Installer (Revision 61b) (Missing: slushie/Strauss.zip)Also, it may be possible to run the master tool in Strauss. For a discussion on this, visit the thread on this issue (Not available).

FDO-Files IRC Returns!
Posted on May 24, 2004 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
FDO-Files IRC Server is back!Server: irc.fdo-files.com
Channel: #fdo-files
Hacker Smacker
Posted on January 30, 2004 by Slushie (Original AOL-Files Staff)

Even though I planned to release this tool inside the FDO IDE, I figure it could be more useful if release it now instead of waiting forever to (probably never) release it with a completed IDE. Anyway, enough chatter.

Questions/comments go in the thread. Enjoy.

Posted on January 3, 2004 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Hooray for the winners!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted on November 28, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Don't eat too much. :P
AOLs IP Ranges
Posted on November 24, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Plex has been finding some interesting servers on AOL's IP ranges with port 80 open...you can view his list here (No longer available). And you can view the list for port 443 here (No longer available).Plex also wrote a program to make checking these URLs less tedious, to download it click here.
Rainbow/Cam0 removed from our staff
Posted on November 24, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Due to his immature behavior and betrayal of his fellow staff, Cam0 will no longer be a part of FDO-Files.com.
Simultaneous Frenzy
Posted on November 21, 2003 by Cam0 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
As of November 19th, 2003, America Online's Instant Messenger Service will now allow you to sign on from multiple locations...yet on the same different screen name. This new feature will allow you to mobilize at home and use your service at another computer without disconnecting your other session.Try it out people, see if we can find some bugs =P
Posted on November 17, 2003 by Slushie (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I've posted a beta of my FDO IDE here (No longer available), at the bottom of the page. there is a screen shot right above it. so far, it works for the basics. the next release will include even more things that make it better than notepad! ;) check it out and let me know what you think.
Posted on November 28, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I'm turning 20 today! Hurray!!!!
Network Document and Updates
Posted on November 11, 2003 by Rainbow (Original AOL-Files Staff)
One of my friends wrote this up, I decided to post it because it makes you wonder what the AOL network is really like, the AOL call centers of course. Check it out here.

P.S. More stuff has been added, everything has a temporary area except for the clients, be patient people!

AOL Instant Messenger Exploit
Posted on November 6, 2003 by Rainbow (Original AOL-Files Staff)
To begin, there has been an exploit recently launched with help of the oscSock tool, the exploit allows anyone to sign on to a screen name and send a malformed request forcing the user to send a GET request on any webserver. Read about how it's done here.
ndec 2.03f Released today
Posted on November 5, 2003 by Slushie (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Well Ras and I just finished this tool we call ndec. It is an AOL tool (that means it goes in C:\AOL\tool) and adds a menu to your AOL window. It acts as a screen name manager, or phish tank if you like. Here is a screen shot:

AOL-Files ndec ss.jpg

ndec was written purely in Assembler and FDO. It works natively with your AOL client and will allow you to load as many names as you want into your screen name list, virginize (new user reset) your database even in AOL 9, and will even decrypt the stored password for each name.

It does lots more, too. Check it out ;)To install, read the readme. (It's pretty simple.) The next release will include a self-installer, so be on the lookout.

A LOT of AOL/FDO information here
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Slushie (Original AOL-Files Staff)

I'm working on getting the FDO91 section back up, but until I have a place to put these you can download these files here:

Java Instant Messenger
Posted on November 4, 2003 by eGod (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Here is the source to the AIM Java Instant Messenger. A few files might be missing but the bulk of it is there. You can download it here (Missing files/javaIM.zip).
Site is now using NewsPro
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
We set the site up to use newspro, so I had to repost all the things, so the dates are a little off, but now its easier for me to post, so that means MORE POSTS!Oh yeah, we now welcome Slushie and Rainbow to our staff!
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Oh shoot, I almost forgot. Here is WAOL.doc, which contains information about, you guessed it, WAOL. Its pretty useful actually and if for some reason you dont have it, here it is. Mine is pretty old so if anyone has a newer one, send me it!
The P3 Protocol in AOL 2.5
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Well, its been 10 days since I last updated, but I've been sick and lazy, so har.Yes, I'm at it again, writing more on the AOL Protocol and pissing everyone off! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAH @ YOU. Anyway, check out my super leet post here (No longer available).Also, I made a post about the origin of AOL's P3 protocol, you can view it by clicking here (No longer available). Anyway, have a nice day!
Forums are up
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The forums are up! Click Forums on the navigation menu to view them.
IRC Server is up
Posted on November 4, 2003 by eGod (Original AOL-Files Staff)
IRCD IS UP, visit us at irc.fdo-files.com #fdo-files
FDO-Files is back..um...again
Posted on November 4, 2003 by Godsmisfit (Original AOL-Files Staff)
FDO-Files is up again, this time under the care of the pimp master shizzle eGod and the extremely eliteness GodsMisfit.This is pretty close to the old design the site had, taken from my old backup of the programming section that I used to run.
FDO-Files returns
Posted on November 4, 2003 by eGod (Original AOL-Files Staff)
We are glad to announce that FDO-Files.com has returned, so be expecting the forums to be up very soon. We will have the ircd, and many articles so wait patiently!
AOL 9.0
Posted on March 19, 2003 by DIAMONDKT (Original AOL-Files Staff)
America Online unveiled a peek of prototype version 9.0 during its analyst day in New York back on December 2, 2002. It is currently being tested in an area accessible only to AOL Internal Employees. AOL 9.0 should be seen at Keyword: beta in the near future. Public release of the software is scheduled for Fall 2003. Of course this is only an estimated time frame and often changes.

I will post more information on AOL 9.0 development as it becomes available. Also look for AOL 9.0 screen shots and the AOL 9.0 client to download at a later date here on FDO-Files. For a complete list of all the features and changes to AOL 9.0, please see the following news articles.

  • AOL Lifts Curtain On Version 9.0 - news.com.com/2100-1023-975906.html?tag=bplst
  • AOL's 9.0 'Peek' Shows Ascendant IM - www.instantmessagingplanet.com/public/article.php/1552841
Posted on March 16, 2003 by Shasta (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The site is being worked on and should be up sometime this month hopefully. Two new security breaches were added and hopefully the downloads will all work soon enough. Stay tune for updates and possibly forums.


New AIM Version
Posted on November 14, 2002 by cam0 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I just stumbled upon this and I decided to do a review on this new product. You can see it here if you are interested. We also have a download for it.
AOL.com Under Construction
Posted on November 13, 2002 by cam0 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Seems that the AOL webmasters are a little bored with their interface? Check out this new article featuring the new website and interface.
New Screen Shots
Posted on November 12, 2002 by cam0 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Well its been an awful long time since its been updated but it is! Check out screenshots.
AIM admin?
Posted on November 4, 2002 by Wackywelder (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Ever wonder about the "AIM admin panel" we have all been hearing different rumors about? We'll after you read this all your questions should be answered. Thanks to Hakrobatik for all of his time put into clearing all of this up for us. You can view it here.
VPD for AOL 8.0
Posted on October 24, 2002 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Thanks to init we have a copy of VPD for AOL8.0. Download it here.
FDO91 Manual
Posted on October 16, 2002 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
A more complete FDO91 manual has been posted, thanks to dime and toast. FDO91 Manual
AOL 8.0 Download
Posted on October 15, 2002 by cam0 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I put up an AOL 8.0 Downloader for those who don't feel like signing onto AOL to get it. Click here (No longer available) to get it.
Free accounts exploit killed
Posted on September 18, 2002 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The exploit to create free accounts has been dealt a blow. You now have to call them in to use them. Here's how it's done in case you wanna call it in.Sign on New User, enter cert, address, check checking, choose cancel and pick pay by phone bill. It used to create an account and let you sign on with a nag screen to call it in. Now you are forced to call before signing on.
New versions of VPD
Posted on September 14, 2002 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
We got 5 new versions of VPD up.New forums are up again! This time we just stuck em up on EZBoard, go sign up now! No more hassles.
Posted mid-2002 by Cam0, Shasta (Original AOL-Files Staff)
It's been awhile since we've had any updates because the site has been down! During our downtime AOL8 went into beta and a few exploits popped up! Here's some info:

An invoke was found that lead to a form called "Starbright - Account Administration, allowing any Starbright (HOST SBW) to be reset without prior knowledge of the password. This form only works while on an aol@school screen name. When signed on just invoke 41-49767 and have fun. The accounts don't have CL priveledges but can gag both on AOL and on AIM.

AOL Files-41-49767.png

Free Accounts - There will be an article posted later on about how to make free accounts using the New User feature.


Posted late-2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
New SERA programs and documents. Organization will someday occur, until then click here for more.
AIM Today Defaced
Posted late-2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The Meet New People section of the AIM Today window was defaced earlier today. Click here (Missing index.php?page=deface) to read more.
AOL with Netscape in Beta
Posted late-2001 by j1 (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The AOL Beta Team is happy to announce the start of a new Beta test -- AOL 7.0 with Netscape Gecko.Download (66Mb) (Missing downloads/aolclients/aol7.zip).

Screen Shot

Star Tools 7.0
Posted late-2001 by Unknown (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Star Tools 7.0 is now available for download thanks to d4rk h4rk3r and Artem. The file was posted on the forums and removed for the safety of our members since submissions should be sent to the staff and it was posted off topic (usually meaning a PWS). I installed it and it worked fine, scan it to make sure before you run it though for your own safety.
VPD 7.0! and Patch
Posted late-2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Visual Publisher for 7.0 available now! Click here to get it! Patch will be available here (Missing downloads/vpd7fix.zip).
Posted on September 21, 2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Anyone remember AOL Radio? Well, they're at it again with Radio@AOL which is now in beta (aol://4344:128.aolradio.1355243). The music sucks. It plays decent, not choppy and I'm on 56k. Now they only need some metal!
Free hourly AOL accounts
Posted on September 21, 2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
AOL has begun a new beta test for 'Free Web Help'. To participate you need to create a special beta account with a cert&pass provided by AOL. Although you need to provide a credit card when creating the account they will not be billed and will be deleted at the conclusion of the test. Check the TOD beta area for more info.
Email from Chairman/CEO on Terrorist Actions
Posted on September 12, 2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This is an email sent from Barry Schuler, a chairman/CEO of AOLTW.Check here (via Wayback Machine) for a message from Mark Stavish (Executive VP, Human Resources)
  • AIM's free Web-based instant messaging service reported more than 700 million instant messages on its network Tuesday, a new record. Total instant messages sent on AIM and the proprietary AOL service.
  • AOL members have donated $6 million online to the American Red Cross, the September 11th Fund and the International Association of Firefighters since the crisis began.Thanks to DiamondKT
Client UI Evolution
Posted on July 30, 2001 by Ranma (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The AOL 7.0 Client has a release date in August 2001. Steppenwolf (AOL 6.0 for WinXP) has been making considerable progress. In spite of all these internal enhancements, the User Interface (UI) has largely remained the same since Casablanca (AOL 4.0).

How did this canonical interface evolve? What conceptions did the public miss? This update helps to answer those questions with the release of several rare early AOL 4.0 clients.Each download contains the original client executable file and a main.idx that will be used to overwrite the old, allowing the downloaded client to be used online. Simply replace the main.idx with the installed one.There are three clients available for download:

  • AOL 4.0 120.07 Alpha (Cream Colored Interface) (Missing downloads/aolclients/client_s/aol4alpha.zip)
  • AOL 4.0 120.15 Beta (Blue Colored Interface) (Missing downloads/aolclients/client_s/aol4bbeta.zip)
  • AOL 4.0 120.25 Beta (Contemporary Interface) (Missing downloads/aolclients/client_s/aol4ibeta.zip)Each client shows a special step in the evolution of the interface we so commonly see today.Special thanks go to Artem for hex editing the main.idxs.
AOL TAZ Revision 4114.16h
Posted on June 26, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Check out the latest revision (Missing downloads/images/4114_16h_ver.gif) of America Online's 7.0 client.It appears that the AOLCoach (Missing images/4114_16h_coach_menu.gif), a feature new to AOL's software intended to instruct neophyte users the exact step by step method to doing various tasks (it even controls the your mouse pointer at times), has been undergoing development.

Early yesterday when clicking the AOLCoach menu it directed the user to http://esupport.aol.com/beta/betasite/rel/index.html, a web version (Missing downloads/images/4114_16h_coach_web) of this new feature. Later in the day it was changed from directing to the web to directing to a AOLCoach form (Missing downloads/images/4114_16h_coach.gif).TAZ is coming along, but until some more features to differentiate it from America Online 6.0's software, TAZ will always be a clone with different art.

The Numerics of Screen Names and Passwords
Posted on June 17, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This article written by Fafalone explains the number of possible screen name and password combinations for an AOL and an AOL Instant Messanger screen name. It becomes apparent while reading this that cracking a random password on any name is next to impossible.
AOL Client Versions
Posted on June 12, 2001 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This is a list of all available version numbers for Windows clients.
Mac Section
Posted on June 1, 2001 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Hypah has agreed to join AOL-Files and run our new Mac section.
AOL People
Posted on April 10, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Thirty-seven more people have been added to the AOL People section. Total number of AOL People: 393.Not on AOL People? Submit a profile.
AOL People
Posted on April 2, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Twenty more profiles have been added to the AOL People section. Total number of AOL People so far: 360.Not on the AOL People section? Submit an interview.
More AOL People
Posted on March 5, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
35 more profiles have been added to the AOL People section. Many thanks to all who have submitted profiles.Aren't on AOL People?

Sign up today!

AIM Jacking on Macs
Posted on February 25, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Read about how AIM jacking has been going on on Macs for more than ten months and what Hypah has been doing with it.
AOL Week In Review Archive
Posted on January 23, 2001 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Archives of the employeechannel's Week In Review (keyword: AWIR) 2000-2001
MSF 2000-2001 Archive
Posted on January 14, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Every MSF update from March 2000 to the present.
Rainman Commands
Posted on January 13, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Rainman commands taken from Keyword: Commands
IOC Documents
Posted on January 12, 2001 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Over 200 documents from International Operations Center library.
Posted on January 12, 2001 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I've been working on this for a while. It's a list of community leader, overhead, and internal keywords with binary streams and screen shots.
All View Rules
Posted on January 11, 2001 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Our View Rule list is now 100% complete as of today. Thanks goes out to Viowatch for letting me know about the newest one.
The Latest Tools for AOL 6.0
Posted on January 9, 2001 by Tom, BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)


Posted on October 9, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This version of Artem's patch will prevent VPD version 1.80 131 and 131a from being disabled.
  • VPD 1.80 131 and 131a fix (Missing downloads/tools/vpd_us_50_32_180_131_patch.zip)
Chat Exit Exploit
Posted on October 9, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This article explains how to sign offline and have your screen name remain in a chat room as well as the steps which led to its discovery.
Guestbook Fixed
Posted on October 9, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The guestbook has been fixed. Apparently some losers have nothing better to do than to put 50k of text which causes it to crash. Anyway, if you haven't done so already, sign it.
Viowatch's Beta Form
Posted on October 8, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
This has been around for a while but if you haven't gotten it yet you need to. It's a really well made form with a lot of useful functions and links.
New Design
Posted on October 5, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
As you can tell, we have a new design. A lot of the site is still under construction. The tools section is going to take a couple more days but you'll see the wait will have been worth it once it's done.
Global IDs
Posted on October 5, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I updated my old article in the FDO section called "Arguments". It deals only with Global IDs so I renamed it as well as added some more correct information than what was there before.
Keyword: OpsSec
Posted on October 4, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I saw a few articles in OpsSec that I found to be pretty interesting so I decided to put them up. I'll eventually put all of the articles on OpsSec here but for now you can enjoy the first four.
  • Allow/Block Names (Missing articles/opssec_allowblocknames.html)
  • Classes (Missing articles/opssec_classes.html)
  • Protecting Confidential Customer Information (Missing articles/opssec_protectcustomerinfo.htm)
  • Instructions for using SecurID login authentications (Missing articles/opssec_sidinstructions.htm)
AOL-Files IRC Test
Posted on September 25, 2000 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
We're testing out one of those java IRC clients. Click here to test it (no longer available, now just goes to the chat page). A message might come up asking if you want to run jpilot or jIRC, please allow it to run, it won't work otherwise.
Here's the deal
Posted on August 30, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
About a week ago I signed on to AOL to check my mail. I got an IM from Cam0. He asked me if I knew how to bypass a SecurID. I told him to check out the small h tokens and then I left. Either the next day or a couple of days later Cam0 IMed me asking me to tell him how to bypass a SecurID. He assumed I knew how. I had heard about the account upgrade trick he had figured out so I told him that I would tell him what I know about bypassing a SecurID if he told me his trick. He told me the trick.

He also told me that the only person he told about it was Phryte and that he wouldn't tell anyone else.

I don't know anything about bypassing a SecurID. I've never tried doing it. I do know that SID uses small 'h' tokens. That's all I know and that's what I told Cam0. The next day I went to New Riot and Cam0 had posted on his site and the New Riot message board about how he found a new exploit that will upgrade an account to an overhead or internal but he had to wait until his next billing date to see if it actually works.

Everyone knows that AOL's pending price plans don't go into affect until after the next billing date so it was obvious how the exploit was done. Cam0, in his search for AO-fame, decided to tell the world that the exploit existed. Thanks to Mage telling Cam0 to take that stuff down, the post on the message board and his site were eventually removed.

Cam0, still pissed at me for scamming him out of the exploit, decided to go around telling people that I wrote an FDO script that showed how to do it and that I scrolled it in private room 'scroll'.

In a chat room last night Cam0, Tau, and I met to discuss this. There Cam0 admitted to telling a total of 6 people how to do the account upgrade trick when he told me that the only person he told or would ever tell is Phryte. When I told Cam0 to show me the FDO script he said I made, he showed me one that HE WROTE. It even said "by Cam0" on it. The truth is I have never in my life ever even been in private room 'scroll'.

The only person I told how to do the trick was Tau. No one else.Now, after reading Cam0's extremely inaccurate unedited notes about the exploit at New Riot, I've decided to write my own article: Editing Cam0's Unedited Notes.

I want it to be known that I have nothing against New Riot or any of their staff members with the exception of course being Cam0.

Dead Screen Name tutorial
Posted on August 30, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Dead Screen Name tutorial is up in the Articles section.
Mac clients
Posted on August 30, 2000 by Mage (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Ok, I posted up all the older Mac clients I could find from 1.0 - 5.0, all working and I screen shot them all for you guys. Also fixed the screen shot link to the Win 95 Preview. In other news, my box has yet to be rooted. Hope someone can get it done soon. Well Take care =)
Tools section
Posted on August 28, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The tools section is completely up.
My profile
Posted on August 27, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I remade my profile.
Hack Mage's box!
Posted on August 24, 2000 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Try to hack Mage's box! Click on his profile for info (no longer available).
Tools section update
Posted on August 25, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
The HTML for the tools section is now up. I had to delete a lot of the exe files on the site in order to save space. I'll be uploading zips of the same files tonight.
VB section
Posted on August 24, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
A Visual Basic section is up in the Articles section. I have added code of my own design which should be used to learn from. If you have some unique code feel free to send it over and it will be posted and full credit will be given to you.
Download links
Posted on August 24, 2000 by Rob (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Most of the Visual Publisher and Star Tool download links work now, all links will be fixed soon.
No space
Posted on August 23, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Right now we're having space issues. I've collected a large number of tools in the last two days. The problem is that we have a total of 100mb of space that we can use. The tools section on my hard drive is 102mb alone. Rob is going to get 100mb more within the next couple of days. Until then the downloads won't work.
Posted on August 23, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Added Main.cpp to the articles.
New domain!
Posted on August 22, 2000 by Tau (Original AOL-Files Staff)
www.aol-files.com is now up and functioning!
Added documents
Posted on August 21, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I added three new documents.
Latest VPD
Posted on August 20, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
I added the latest version of VPD that I have, version 1.8 revision 131.
Posted on August 19, 2000 by BMB (Original AOL-Files Staff)
Today I added Rob's very interesting profile and my aim to my profile, I also put up the AOL Database Viewer (and a tutorial on how to create your own invokes using it), a new version of Artem's Patch that I hexed for VPD 1.7 rev 119, and a copy of PCAO 1.3 in the clients section.We need a MACer who wants to test out Mac VPD and other Mac tools so we can find out what version they are and what they do. If you're interested post on the Info Exchange.