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As per the description in this review:

Looking for a way to stay in touch on the go? AOL Mobile Communicator might be the easiest, and most affordable solution for you. The Mobile Communicator is one of the newer additions to the AOL’s AOL Anywhere initiative. Based on the familiar BlackBerry design from Research in Motion (RIM), the AOL Mobile Communicator is a smartly designed pager-sized device for sending and receiving your AOL e-mail and instant messages. This thing will turn heads, even among the crowd that would normally say something like, "You still use AOL?" (you know who you are). Read More

A commercial on our YouTube channel which includes a promotion for Mobile Communicator: watch.



AOL Mobile Communicator Going Dark was announced in June 2003.<ref>AOL Mobile Communicator Going Dark, X</ref>


Currently none of the NINA developers have access to an AOL Mobile Communicator, but if you are able to provide one or further information on it in technical detail, please email us at



Device Name AOL Mobile Communicator
Released OS AOL OS 1.1
Current OS AOL OS 1.1
Announced Date November 30th, 2000
Released Date November 30th, 2000
Colors Purple
Notes This was a modified version of the 950 made for AOL
Services for the AOLMC was discontinued by AOL on August 1st, 2003

Size & Weight

Height 88.9 mm
Width 127 mm
Depth 22.6 mm
Weight 115 grams


Screen Size 73.7
Screen Resolution 132 x 65
6 line x 25 chrs
Aspect Ratio 132:65
Color Depth 1 bit


Type Li-Ion
Model 1xAA
Internal Spare Battery
Removable Yes


Keyboard Type QWERTY
Processor Brand 32bit Intel 386EX
System Memory/RAM 304 KB RAM
Built-in Storage 2 MB Flash RAM

Wireless Connectivity

Network Bands Used BellSouth's Intelligent Wireless (Mobitex) Network 900 MHz

External Features

Data Port RS-232C (Serial)
Navigation Device Jog Wheel

More Information

Future deleted content that should probably be ripped since nobody keeps anything online anymore:

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