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Script Creator Description
2012 1.0 Unknown Mostrar em sua mensagem pessoal a contagem regressiva para o fim do mundo. Display a countdown to the end of the world in your personal message.
24 TV Show Intro Time 1.0 Unknown Sets PSM as "The Following Takes Place Between...." and updates it according to local time.
2ColorText 7.13 Don Leopardo (Ps/Me Odio) Texto de 2 colores alternados cada una letra.
500 0.1 500 is a word censor for MSN Messenger. You can censor whichever words you want to hide from others (mainly those people who stare at your conversation with your friends).
Aantal keer ingelogd 1.0 Unknown Houdt bij hoevaak je je aanmeld.
Aboslem 1.0 MSNCOoL.NET Imitate display pictures on chat with him and saved in a folder.
Accentizer 2.0.1 Replaces certain character combinations with European accents.
AccuratePing 1.00.0005 Mnjul AccuratePing increases the precision, to the order of milliseconds, of the end-to-end latency reported by Messenger Plus!'s built-in Ping! function.
ACDegrades 1.0 Unknown Ce script vous permet de colorer vos messages avec divers degrades de couleurs!
Active Calculator 1.0 Unknown Calculated math pieces within a sentence - or use the /Calc feature
Advanced Dice Roller 1.1 kav2k ADR is a script for performing virtual dice rolls in d20 syntax (i.e. "2d6+3"), showing the results either to the chat or secretly via "toast" popup.
Aero Switcher 1.00 You want the original Messenger frame back, but you don't want to disable Aero completely in Windows? Here you go!
Al Bhed-O-Fier 1.0 Unknown After finishing FFX 34987 times, do you sometimes feel the need to just speak Al Bhed in completely inapropriate places? Well now you can! This is my very first script ever, so go easy on me.
Alertes Wikikou 3.00 Informez vous en recevant les News de Wikikou directement dans votre Messenger!
AllMeteo 1.00 Consultez la météo de la France, Suisse et Belgique directement depuis WLM!
AllowInfo 2.0 Unknown Allow WLM to send .info links.
Always On Top 1.0 Unknown Easily make any messenger window stay on top of any other.
AlwaysTyping 1.4 TheGuruSupremacy This script is only for wlm 8.1.0178 8.5.0517 14.0.8064.206. You can send fake notifications typing. It sends the notification typing even if you aren't typing.
Andromede Tchat 1.00 Connecte toi directement a un tchat avec msn pour trouver de nouveau contact.
Another Title Manager (ATM) 4.3 Unknown Simply the best title manager
Answer Phone FTP 3.0 Unknown Answer phone records and displays messages which are sent and received whilst you are away, just like a telephone answering machine. These can be logged to a file on your hard disk, and also uploaded to an FTP server. The script can be fully customised, including choosing which statuses (Away, Busy etc.) the script operates for.
Answering Machine Plus 2.72 Silentdragon Autoreplies to user specified messages.
Anti-Abbreviazioni 1.10 Unknown Blocca le abbreviazioni ricevute e inviate con questo semplice script.
AntiSMS 0.1 Unknown C'est un script qui transforme tout langage SMS écrit par vous en français correct.
Appearing Offline Helper 1.4 TheGuruSupremacy This script is only for WLM 14.0.8089.726.
AppMon+ 2.0.2 Changes your status, sets your "What I'm Listening To" PSM and can beep the internal speaker for messages, when selected applications are running.
AppMon 1.0.0 Gareth Provides a countdown to an event, a way to detect foreground applications, a spell checker, etc.
Arabic to English 1.0 Conversion of the English language characters into Arabic.
Arabzi 1.0 The Smart Arabic Keyboard for Messenger.
aSpellChecker 1.0 Hanworks aSpellChecker is a spelling checker for Windows Live Messenger. It is meant for all those who are tired of typos in their messages or need help with spelling.
Audiator Live! 4.0 optiz0r The Messenger Plus! Live incarnation of the once popular Audiator plugin.
Audible 1.1.1 Unknown Plays the WLM "New Message" sound in focused conversations. /audible to toggle on/off.
Auto Answer 1.00 Unknown Automated responses to key phrases. Phrases and responses are totally configurable.
Auto-Block 1.0.0 Unknown Auto-Block the contacts, with a lot of options.
Auto-Block on Busy 0.5 Unknown Blocks contacts while busy.
Auto Status+ 1.00 Unknown Sets your status to a selected option when certain contacts come online.
Auto Status 1.01 Unknown Sets your status to a selected option when certain contacts come online.
AutoForeground 1.2 Unknown Automatically set chat window on foreground when message is received (v1.2).
AutoLocker 1.0 Unknown Activates Messenger Lock when you become idle.
Automatic Name Color Change 1.00 Changes the color of the Nickname automatically depend on the user status, (green for available status , red for busy and orange for away) this useful for WLM 14 version.
AutoSendOnError 1.0 Unknown This script sends again a message when it didn't reach the contact.
AutoTalker 2.0 Unknown Applies an auto talker to your text and optionally your PSM.
Avisa Nicks 1.0 Unknown Cuando alguien escribe nuestro nick, se escucha un sonido para avisarnos.
Away-Offline 1.1 Change status to offline/signout when receiving too many messages while away.
Away Security 2.05 yil2201 Anti-Boss security with control at sign-in if you are on PC or not to show or hide Messenger. You can choose your status, your personal message and the time to wait.
Away Since 1.01 Unknown Sets personal message to the time you went Idle or Away.
Axcid Music Search 1.0 William J Robin Search the Axcid music database with ease! (!axcid artist) to activate.
AzureusStats 1.0 Shows your Azureus Download, Upload and Ratio totals in your personal message, updated every five minutes.
B4U - Choose your FUN 1.0 Send fun facts and jokes to your friends!
Babelfish Translator 1.0 Unknown Allows you to translate on the fly using Babelfish engine.
Background Changer 2.5 Veggie This script makes it easy to change and/or delete the contact list background.
Background Downloader 0.84 Idle Time Productions Allows one to download a file in the background.
Background Gradiator 1 Unknown Automatically add a colored background to your messages by conversation.
Battler 3.1 Unknown Battles with MSN, inspired by Pokemon.
BBB11 1.0 Unknown Acompanhe AO VIVO o BBB11.
Bible Quoter 1.1.2 Unknown Provides access to bible quotes right in the chat window (supports: ESV, KJV, NASB, NKJV).
BIG And Leet 0.7 Unknown Pimp your Nickname, Personal Message and chat dialog
Bing Search 1.0.0 robert_dll Use this script to search the web using Bing.
Birthday Reminder 1.1 Unknown Allows you get notifications on somebody's bithday 1.0 Unknown Shortens a URL using the online service. Usage: '/ URL'
BlinkText Addon 1.1 Unknown Let your personal Message blink.
Block Contacts 1.0 Unknown This script easily blocks/unblocks a list of contacts.
BlockIEHomePage 1.0 Dennis Mike Block the homepage of Internet Explorer.
Brb Status 1.0.0 Unknown Sets your status to Be Right Back whenever you type a sentance starting with brb, and back to normal when you type back. It even works when you say something like 'brb eating' or 'back finally.'
BuscaRAE 1.5 Busca la definición de cualquier palabra en el diccionario de la Real Academia Española.
BzFlag Launcher 2.1 Runs BzFlag with the Server and Port Specified (Commands !bzflag and !bzreset).
Cache Answering Machine 1.6 Responds to messages sent to you with a quote chosen randomly from the cache of any contact you select.
Calc 1.0 My Propiocielo It solves arithmetical operations.
Calculator 1.20.011 matti Calculate in your conversations version: 1.20.011.
Cambridge Text Encoder 1.0 Encodes text into mixed-characater words.
Cancer 1.0 Unknown Pour la lutte anti tabac.
Capitaliser 1.0 Unknown Capitalises the first letter of every word used.
Cell Phone Functions 1.00 Unknown Access certain features of your messenger from your cell phone.
Censureur 1.0 Belairsoft Censure tout vos sacres ! Faites /censureur pour l'activer!
ChangeDp! 1.0 Jezz Bentham People can now change your dp with text by typing !dp
Chat Window Functions 2.00 Unknown Add new functions to your chat windows.
ChatBlock 1.0 WhizWeb Community Automatically blocks the creation of single and group participant conversation windows!
ChatCount 1.0 MeEtc Shows the number of chat windows open in your Personal Message.
CHATEANDO 1.0 upbillygl Contabiliza el tiempo OnLine y el tiempo invertido Chateando, es decir, leyendo y escribiendo mensajes. Video Search 1.1.2 Zoek naar een artiest / clip naam en bekijk de video.
ChatStat 1.02 ChatStat displays your top 3 of contacts based on conversations!
Chuck Norris 2.00 hebobo Chuck norris script for you to enjoy.
Clone Warning! 1.0 Unknown Displays a messagebox warning the user about people posing as others in their contact list.
Code Highlight C# 1.0 Unknown Highlight C# class names, keywords, strings, comments.
ColoreCasuale 1.8 Suxsem Lo script permette di cambiare casualmente il colore del testo e\o dello sfondo dei tuoi messaggi... a ogni messaggio!
Colored Colors 1.04 William J Robin Give color your colors!
Colorize 0.6 Unknown Auto-changes colors of what you're typing and changes color of your name, colors can be changed during runtime
Colour Msg 3.2.1 Ricardo Gandra Add gradient colours and backgrounds to your outgoing messages.
ComeBack 1.1.4 Returns MsgPlus! 3.x's comeback function.
Comic Viewer 1.0 Lets you view a variety of comics and keeps them up-to-date.
Command Bar 1.2 WhizWeb Community Provides various Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live functions in a floating deskbar.
Computer Details 1.0 Unknown Adds a menu and tags where you can display computer details.
conta_giorni 4.2 Unknown Questo script consente di aggiungere al proprio nick o msg personale un conteggio crescente o decrescente di mesi, giorni o ore a partire da una data inserita.
Conversation Toaster 2.7 Unknown Version 2.7 (english//français)You will be able to see the message of your contact in a pop-up and so you will not be obliged to reopen the conversation.
ConvoPlus! 0.4 kihozz Archiver vos conversations sur le web, ne laissez plus de trace sur votre PC!
Count Appender 1.50 Unknown Appends a count to your outgoing messages, allows your contact to notice they have missed a message from you.
Count Down 3.0.26 Adds a counter to your Personal Message.
Countdown Live 2.2.021 matti Count down to a date in your name, personal message or media message!
CountdownDP 1.1 WhizWeb Community A countdown that ticks away as your display picture! You can also customize all of the display pictures.
CrazyText 1.4 Unknown Have you seen people with that crazy text in their display names? Well now you can talk in that 'font'. Total of 6 'fonts'.
crYpt 1.1 StUpIdO and foaly Something called crYpt.
CryptoPack 1.01 Unknown This script makes it possible to encrypt text with various encryption types. (SHA1, MD4, MD, Base64, URL-encoding, Binary and Hexadecimal)
CTRL+S Send Message 1.0 Unknown A script that sends message with CTRL+S.
Ctrl-W Closer 1.10.0018 Mnjul This script lets you close a conversation window by Ctrl-W shortcut key.
Cup Holder Script 1.1 James O'Brien (Stigmata) Opens your computer's cup holder.
Currency Calculator 3.1 up2date Translate currencies, all currencies are synchronized with the Danish National Bank.
Date+Time 1.0 Not available
Date Calculator 2.99 Tom Zegiklekkerniet Calculate the time between now and a specified date.
DateTime Live! 1.0 Unknown Sends the current time and date to the conversation window.
Define Me 0.8 Unknown Not available
DeFlog 1.1 Santiago Bruno Convierte el texto que enviamos eliminando caracteristicas del lenguaje sms y fotolog. Intenta hacer lo mismo para los mensajes entrantes, pero puede hacer muy pocas cosas porque en ese caso no se permite alargar el texto. Es decir "Hola, tkm", si es entrante va a quedar igual, porque si se reemplaza tkm por te quiero mucho, se va a exceder la longitud. Sin embargo, en algunos casos, donde otras características reducen la longitud, ese reemplazo se podría realizar, por ejemplo "Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tkm!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sería "Hola! te quiero mucho!" Ta clarooooooooo????!!
Delayed Signin 1.0 Joeviocoe Delay your MSN Messengers automatic sign in. This is great if you have a wireless connection that does not connect immediately. Msgplus for MSN Messenger 7.5 had a great registry dword value called delayedsignin but this does not work from MSN Messenger Live. This script will avoid having to restart Messenger when it receives a connection error. You must TURN OFF the Messenger option to automatically sign in when connected and also you MUST HAVE your email and password stored. You can edit the delay time by editing the script where it shows "20000". Just enter your desired time in milliseconds. Enjoy!
DevTools 1.0 WhizWeb Community This script allows you to use and create custom "tools", that can be used to create code snippet generators, notepads, code evaluators and so on.
DiceRoller 1.1 Unknown It's a simple dice roller for d20 system, just write /rool and the dice to rool plus the bonus (i.e. 1d20+5). The roll result will be shown in the master's window. If you are te master and want make your own roll, just type /aroll.
DiceRoller for MP!L 1.0 interastuces Allows you to throw various type of dices.
Display Picture Changer 1.3 Changes your display picture to a random picture or loops through all the pictures contained in a specified directory.
Display Picture Status Changer 0.3 Unknown Changes your display picture when your status changes.
Donna muziek 1.0 Toont wat er nu op Donna is.
DPFromUrl 1.0.5 Unknown Downloads the specified image to your computer and sets it as your Display Picture at a specified interval.
Dvorak - Qwerty converter 1.2 Unknown Simulates a Dvorak keyboard on a Qwerty keyboard and vice versa.
e-Penis Uptime 1.1 James O'Brien (Stigmata) Calculates your ePenis size.
Easy Math and Symbols 2.0.3 AngelDevil Customize your nickname and Psm with color and symbols, or add math notations while you're chatting!
EASY Status Manager 1.00 Unknown Easy management up to seven of your personal status messages.
Email Tooltip 0.0.4 The DT Displays your email in the messenger tooltip.
Emo2PSM 1.0 Unknown Changes your PSM based on the sent emoticon.
Emoticones 1.00 Unknown helps you find an emoticon in an easier way, using only the KeyBoard.
Emotion Changer 1.0 Unknown Not available
Emotional Display Picture 1.1 Unknown Change your Display Picture according to the emoticons you use
EmptyNick 1.0 This script hide your nick and so you can get a EmptyNick.
eMuleStats 1.1 Unknown Affiche nom serveur, download et upload d'eMule. Mise a jour toute les une minute.
Enhancer ioannis Enhancer comes with a variety of features to enhance your Messenger experience... Please unload the plugin module of a prior version.
Esperanto Letter Replacer 2.0 Unknown Replaces Esperanto-specific letters using the "x" convention.
Estilos 2.0 symarcs Changes the type of the font.
Etcetera 1.3.0 Gareth Provides a countdown to an event, a way to detect foreground applications, a spell checker, etc.
Exit Messenger 1.1 Matti This script will add a command to exit Messenger, a command to close all conversation windows and extends the use of the signout command.
Facebook Notifications 1.0.1 Dennis Mike Notifications from Facebook.
Facebook Status 1.31 Unknown Sets your Personal Message to your Facebook status.
Facebook Status Checker 1.00 Retrieves status updates from Facebook.
Fahrenheit - Celsius converter 1.2 Unknown Converts Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.
Fake media 1.65 Unknown Not available
FasHioNick 1.0 Tuxela FasHioNick V.1, Con ese Script vas a poder crear tus nicks coloridos y desvanecidos con muchas opciones.
Fecha_hora 2.0 Giankz Muesta la fecha y la hora en el mensaje personal.
Fetch 2.0.1 Unknown This script allows the user to look up song's lyrics when given the song title, artist (optional), and allows the user to look up a song's title and full lyrics when given a line of lyric from the song.
File Sender 1.0.0 luckyluke This script can send files on command. You can easily manage your files.
Files Lister 0.1 Unknown This script allows you to list files you want your contacts to download with a command (IRC-like).
Find Links 1.0.0 spunky Allows "captured" links to be displayed in non-default browsers.
Firefox Download Counter 1.0 Unknown Adds a real time Firefox download counter to your personal message, using the data from the Mozilla RSS feed.
Flip Status 1.0 WhizWeb Community Continuously change your status, cycling through every status, or online and offline only, or even your own custom status list!
FlipText 1.03 Unknown Allows you to flip and turn Messages, your Nickname and your PSM.
Fluid Personal Message 1.00 Unknown Allows you to set a personal message that will change its self on a look at a set amount of time by you.
FML 1.0 Add some lol to your convos with FML. (!fml to activate).
Formatting hotkeys 1.10 Unknown Not available
Friend Tracker 1.1 Unknown When your best friends log in, change status, log out you will get warned. When you get a message when your status is away, an alarm will ring.
Giant Nick Generator 1.0 felipex to generate giant nickname (ASCII art).
Give Dynamic IP LAN 1.04 Unknown Not available
Gmail Checker 1.11 cooldude_i06 Tells you when your gmail accounts have new mail.
Google Plus 1.02 Integration of Google applications for MSN Messenger Plus!
Google Querier 1.3 Ben Barth A simple script to create Google queries.
Google Searcher 1.1.0 Unknown Version 1.1.0 This script allows you to start a ‘Google Search’ from within Windows Live Messenger.
GoogleTranslator 1.70 Lunatik Translate the text in your chat window when striking F5.
Gravatar Sync 1.01 Unknown This script is designed to sync the contact's gravatar with the WLM display picture.
Greeklish Converter 1.00 Unknown Converts Greeklish to Greek.
Grooveshark Now Playing 0.2 sanderborgman This script will enable you to show what song you are playing in Grooveshark. Warning: this plugin is not compatible with the webbased version of Grooveshark.
Group blocking 1.4 Unknown Create groups of contacts and block them.
Group Chat Blocker 1.0 scott Automatically leaves group chats without interupting you.
Group-Conversation Warning 0.5 Warns you about new groups chats.
GroupNoise 1.1 Sounds the new message alert when a message is sent in a group conversation. Script 1.02 This script adds some features to Messenger for groups.Im groups such as the commands fixer. Languages : EN-FR-NL-TR-SV-IT
!hangman 1.0.1 Unknown MsgPlusLive Hangman, usable in conversations with any other MSN user(s), allows global playability.
Hi5 Messenger Buddies 1.00 Unknown See your friends Hi5.
HopperLive 4.11.0131 Mnjul HopperLive is a tool to draw your contact's attention by generating sign-in toasts that can be seen by your contacts.
Horoscope Script 1.0 Get your daily horoscope and add to personal message.
HTML Text Parser 1.0 James O'Brien (Stigmata) Parse HTML's Text Formatting Tags In Messenger.
Huhu Automatik 1.0 La ferme de Pierre Répond automatiquement un texte lorsque l'on vous parle!
Huhu Calc 1.0 La ferme de Pierre Calculate easier and speeder with this script.
Huhu Leet 1.0 La ferme de Pierre Ecrivez bizarrement en toute simplicité!
Huhu Pseudo 1.2 La ferme de Pierre Permet de modifier partiellement votre pseudo d'une simple commande, ou de se le faire modifier.
Huhu PSM 1.1 La ferme de Pierre Permet à vos contacts de modifier votre phrase perso.
Huhu RPG 1.0 La ferme de Pierre Montre un 'level' en fonction des messages reçus/envoyés, nombre de contacts, etc.
Idle Liar 1.1 TheGuruSupremacy This script allows you to set Idle Status on demand. This is only for WLM 2009 up to Version:14.0.8089.726.
Idle Manager 1.0 WhizWeb Community Performs various tasks after customizable lengths of time (the 'Show me as "Away" when I'm inactive for...' option must be enabled for this script to work).
Idle Security 1.1 Locks Windows Live Messenger after 2 minutes from entering the idle state.
Idle Time Display 1.0 Unknown Displays the Hours, Seconds and Minutes that you have been Idle.
iLinks 1.0.0 GodHunter74, n!co:9.1 Allow to open link no managed by WLM.
iMDB Script 1.4 ckpro This script will allow you to search iMDB (Internet Movie Database), and retrieve the results.
IMoffline 1.0.2 the andyman Confirms sending messages if your status is set to appear offline.
Iniciar Sesion Seguidamente 0.5 Unknown Script para Iniciar Sesion una y otra vez.
Instant Response 2.0 WhizWeb Community When active, sends contacts a message (with the Plus! "AutoMessage" theme), or a command to change your status, sign out or block them!
Insult 1.0 Unknown Re-adds the /insult easter egg to MsgPlus! Live. Script is compatible with the MsgPlus! 3 word duel!
Insulter 1.0 Unknown Sends a random insult to your contacts.
Interface Writer 3.0 WhizWeb Community Manage Messenger Plus! interface files with ease! Add, edit and remove interface components, test them out, format the XML file and more.
IP Remote 1.0 Unknown Get the ip address and local ip address of a remote PC using the commands "getip" and "getlanip". Inspired of "Give Dynamic IP LAN"
IRateMyDay DP 1.04 Changes your display picture automatically based on your profile on the site!
iTunes+ 1.6.1 Adds various iTunes options into messenger, including control options, showing contacts your music, viewing lyrics and setting your display pic to album art.
Joke Script 2 patrickland For more info, and commands, go to 'About' on the script menu!
Key Flasher 1.3 Unknown Flashes your keyboard LEDs when you receive a message.
Language Fixer 1.1 Language fixer, fixes messages sent/received with wrong keyboard layout.
Last Messages 1.0 It shows received last messages. 1.0.0 for Messenger Plus! Live combines the best Instant Messenger service and the most popular music site. With this script you can easily send your statistics (currently only your recent songs). Scrobbler 1.0.3 mynetx Submits your current media to
Leetspeak 1.2.2 Unknown Converts outgoing messages to leetspeak. Use /leet to toggle on/off. Begin a message with !leet to convert once. Contacts can begin a message with !leet to autorespond with a converted message.
Let Me Google That 1.01 Unknown Easy Use of LMGTFY for those MSN questions.
Letter Counter 1.02 Ezra Counts the total of letters typed.
Link Catcher 1.0 Unknown A script that will grab links in you contact's name and psm and launch a browser.
Linked Chats 1.0 Choli Link 2 convos and forward messages from one to the other.
LinkSaver 1.215 LinkSaver saves sent and received links during your conversations in a text file for later use.
Listen2This 1.0 Unknown Mimics your contacts now playing items.
Live Apps 1.01 Revolt Automatic PSM and DP changer according to running apps.
LiveSong 1.0.4 mynetx Play any song instantly. Usage: Type /livesong <song or artist> and press Enter.
LiveSpaces Writer 1.0 My Propiocielo LiveSpaces Writer is a Shortcut to write a new entry in your LiveSpaces Blog.
LMS 6 LH (Lope_happy) Versión 6.0 del script multifuncional.
Love Test 1.0 Unknown Test between two people and see their love percent :P
Majuscules! 1.0 Unknown Ajoute des majuscules en début de phrase, apres chaque point ainsi que un point en fin de phrase.
Media AutoPlayer 1.0 Unknown Plays Videos when your sent the link.
Media Mokker 0.9 Billy Hudson Mock your friends 'Now Playing' music.
Mega Finder 2.10 Mega Finder is poweful script for using search engines from your Messenger window.
MegaBlink 1.0 WhizWeb Community Blink your name, PSM, DP or status, or any combination! Change the blink-to values (defaults are blank) and the blink delay (default is 6 seconds).
Mensagem Pessoal 3.5 Um script que permite a visualização do tempo em que seu computador está ligado, uso da memória RAM e contatos online/offline.
Message Counter 1.0 Keep stats on send and received messages and show these stats in conversations.
Message Customizer! Live 1.00.05 Message Customizer! Live can change the way you talk to your contacts by adding colours and backgrounds for contacts you specify.
Message Enchanter 1.0.0480 Unknown Adds fresh styles to your Windows Live Messenger's messages, from disabling emoticons to changing your message to capital letters.
Message Notifier 0.1 Unknown Shows the last 5 messages when a new message is recived.
Message Scroller 0.3 When someone sends you a message a window appears which has the Nickname from the user that sent the message, and the actual message.
Message Tracker 1.0 Unknown Tracks message information and puts it into your PSM.
Messenger Magician 1.0.0 the andyman Let Merlin tell you when a contact signs in!
Messenger Music 1.6 Dennis Mike Play audio files.
Messenger News 1.1 Archived Messenger News let's you know the latest Instant Messaging news without leaving Windows Live Messenger.
Messenger Plus! Tweak Live 2.0.1 Choli Change hidden registry settings of Plus! Live.
MessLive News 1.0 Recevez les dernieres news de MessLive dans votre Messenger.
MeteoFr 1.1 Script affichant la meteo pour une ville donnée.
MiniChats 1.0 WhizWeb Community Talk to contacts in a smaller window.
MiniContacts 2.2 A simple contact list.
MiniDico 1.01 Unknown Dictionnaire personnalisable (acronymes anglais et français fournis), départements français, fêtes à souhaiter, calculatrice basique.
Miniville Live! 1.0 Gerez votre miniville sur MSN!
MoggelLator 0.1 Unknown Dit script veranderd je tekst in de soort tekst die ook in de 'goeiemoggel' '5 kilo inktvip' reclame wordt gebruikt.
Monitor Lock 1.0 felipex turn off the screen monitor when msn is locked and turn on the screen monitor when msn is unlocked.
Monitora Status 1.3 Unknown Monitora o status de um contato em tempo real, exibindo o email (opcional), hora e data em que tal contato esteve com tal status.
Morse code converter 1.2 Unknown Converts text to Morse code.
MouseyMoo 1.02 spunky Find mouse position and grab on screen colours.
MsgHelp PM Notifier 0.5 Unknown Notifies you when you receive a new PM on
MsgWelcome 1.00 Unknown A welcome message when sign.
MSN ID 1.0 xN1T0x Donne l'ID MSN a l'utilisateur. A utiliser avec la commande /ID ou !ID
MSN Name and PSM Manager 1.18 Unknown Stores your favorite Names and PSMs.
MSN Names and Tools 1.04 Unknown This script provides easy MSN name personalistation and some tools for use with your computer and interacting with MSN.
MSN Online Time 1.2 Various MSN Online Time 1.2. Expandet functions by F!o. German Translation by F!o, Swedish Translation by Disk-One, Spanish Translation by Koco.
MSN Popup Spy 1.0 felipex It kill msn popups and it shows in a list, the description of each popup.
MSN presence to Skype 1.00 diario Copy MSN presence information (state and PSM) to Skype.
MSN RSS Reader 2.1.0 Burak Kanmaz You can show your RSS Feed on your MSN Status Message field.
MSN Time Logger 1.0 Tracks your total online time.
MSN to XBMC 1.3 Notifies XBOX Media Center (XBMC) when you receive an MSN message or when a contact signs in (or out) with status. You MUST enable WebServer on XBMC.
MSNShortCut 1.20 Launch programs through MSN.
MSNSpeakAll 3.0.0 On-the-fly Windows Live Messenger Chat Translator.
MultiBusqueda 1.0 Podras hacer busquedas en los 3 buscadores mas importantes del momento (Google, Live, Yahoo).
Music Logger Plus 4.0.1 Monitors and logs the songs that you and your WLM contacts play.
Mute 1.11 Unknown Mute Messenger and Plus! sounds without having to set your status to Busy.
My Remote Control 1.50 scottish To get started type !remote control into a chat. You might want to do this with a bot like
My Spellbook 1.3 Unknown Manages a list of personal messages.
MyBOT 2.0 Unknown Deixe as pessoas falarem com os divertidos bots ED e SETEZOOM pelo seu msn!
MySpace Assistant 1.0.0 the andyman Easily get links to interact with someone in various ways though MySpace by simply specifying their username/url.
MySpace Manager 1.41 James O'Brien (Stigmata) Manage Myspace from Messenger.
MyStatus 2.1 MyStatus sends your nickname, status, email address, personal message and current media to a webserver. This information is used to generate an image, representing your current status, personal message and current media.
NameCustomizer 1.0.4 Unknown Strong name and personal message management suite for Windows Messenger Live and Messenger Plus! Live.
NameEditor 1.3 Archived A small script to make it easy to make coloured and stylish nicknames.
nbConversations 1.00 Unknown Affiche dans votre message personnel, le nombre de contacts avec qui vous discutez.
Netlog Link 1.0 YaNo Easy netlog profile-link sharing.
New Message Audio Alert 1.0 Archived This Script makes an audio alert everytime you recieve a new message, even when the conversation window is in focus.
NickChange 1.4 Unknown Changes your Display Name or Personal Message every <x> seconds using a list of names defined by the user.
Nicks plus 1.0 Unknown . Nicks plus .
NickSaver 1.00 Unknown Saves your nicks and allows you to change back at any time.
Nihilist 1.0 Adonis Nafeh Encrypt your messages using a password.
NiNizer 0.912 Unknown Are you fan of NiN? NiNizer will write NIN with the "reversed N" (as NIN should be) where you write NIN. Please activate it by typing "/ninizer_on"
No Guests 1.5 Archived Allows you to control other accounts access into your MSN.
No Response Responder 0.1 Archived This script will send a predefined response when a user hasn't replied to you after a specified time.
NoMoreCreditCardWarning 1.10 Archived Disables the credit card warning by resetting the counter.
Notify StatusChange 1.1 Unknown Ce script affiche une popup avec l'adresse E-Mail et le nouveau status de votre contact lorsque celui-ci le modifie.
Now Playing 1.3.4 Archived Sends the current playing song details to contacts.
NudgesToolsScript 1.38 TheGuruSupremacy This script is only for WLM up to version: 14.0.8089.726.
Offline Blocker 2.0 Unknown Automatically block people who are offline and unblock when they appear online.
Offline Protector 1.0.2 Archived Confirms sending messages if your status is set to appear offline or if the contact you're chatting to is offline
OldPlugins 0.8 Unknown Bring your old Messenger Plus! Plugins back to life with this script!
Online - Total - Blocked PSM 1.0 magnaflux This script shows how much Online, Total and Blocked contacts in your personal message and updates every 10 secs.
Online Chat Logger 1.0 Unknown Creates (and uploads to the internet) XML chat logs.
Orkut Live 1.22 Disponibiliza sua mensagem pessoal (ou música que você estiver ouvindo) do MSN Messenger no status do seu perfil no orkut.
Osef 2.0 La solution pour dire "On S'en Fout" plus doucement.
OutlookStatus 1.04 Scripts that gets your events from the Outlook Calender and sets it as a personal message (including time and place) in MSN Messenger.
pappagallo 3.3 Suxsem Questo script consente di inviare lo stesso messaggio ricevuto, simulando il famoso effetto "pappagallo". Utile in caso di scherzi!
Parent Filter 1.1 Unknown This is a Messenger Plus! Live script for filtering porno words in outgoing and incoming messages.
ParrotBot 1.00 konda Repeat what your contacts say! \imitate to start; \stopimitate to stop;
PawnRuby Color Converter 1.0 FeliX AutoConverter of Pawn/Ruby TextColor.
Personal Message Chat 1.1 sumabytes Laat mensen chatten in je persoonlijke bericht door '!chat bericht' te zeggen.
Personal Message Stats 1.2 levenloos Zet je lijst status (online, offline, totaal en het aantal gesprekken in je PSM).
Photo Sharing Disabler 1.0.1 Unknown Disable Photo Sharing feature on Windows Live Messenger 2009.
Pin-yi vowels 1.1 Unknown Ease the way you input Beijing pin-yi vowels. (note: "v^2" for 'u' and "z^0" for 'ê') Updater 1.0.1 paco Updates your status whenever your personal message is changed.
PingAdvanced 1.01 Unknown Changes few things in the Pinging system of MSN Plus!
Plus! Browser 2.0 WhizWeb Community Internet Explorer for your Messenger!
Plus! Cafe 3.46 Archived Drink some virtual Java!
Plus! Counter 1.0 WhizWeb Community A simple timer for Messenger. It also allows you to edit the time, but this feature can cause errors.
Plus! Poll 1.1 WhizWeb Community Create and participate in simple polls with other contacts. Supports true or false, yes or no, numbers-only, prompt and multiple choice questions.
Plus! Profiles 1.0 WhizWeb Community A quicker way to enable a new name, PSM, DP, status, AutoMessage, font colour and more.
Plus! scripting API calltips for WhizWeb Community Not available
Plus! VRT Radiospeler 4.0.12 Via dit script kun je alle radiozenders van de Vlaamse openbare omroep beluisteren. Als je wilt kun je natuurlijk eerst de site van het radiostation bezoeken.
Plus!Mail 1.9 Unknown Allows you to send emails (with attachments) from Windows Live Messenger!
Plus Mapper 1.01 Allows you to make maps powered by Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth and easily share them with friends.
PlusRemote 1.1 Unknown Make loads of WLM functions available for your contacts.
PM Manager 1.0 Unknown A personal message manager for Messenger Plus! Live. You can save a list of your favourite messages, switch easily between them, and automatically change messages when you sign in or at a specified interval.
Pokemsn 3.2 Unknown Send Pokemon to fight over msn!
Poligami 1.11 Willy S Enables you to automatically connect to several Messenger accounts simultaneously during startup.
Programming Languages Keywords Script 1.4 paril Built from my old C++ Keywords Script, this script includes over 15 languages to be used in an easier interface. With this script, you can make code from many languages highlight into colors you selected.
PSM Conversation 1.0 Unknown Questo script consente di visualizzare nel vostro PSM i messaggi inviati e ricevuti dai vostri contatti.
PSM Lite 1.0 Unknown Displays a number of stats in your Personal Message.
PSM Scheduler 1.0 Unknown A script that makes it possible to change your PSM anytime you want! In order for the script to work you must have the computer's clock synchronized.
PSM Scroller 1.0 felipex Create marquee effect in your PSM ("Which I am listening").
PSM Status Script 1.00 fhita Dit script zorgt ervoor dat er in uw Personal Message live komt te staan met wie u chat, en meer.
Punctuator 1.00 Unknown Puts a capital letter at beggining of message and a full stop at the end of message.
Quadratic equation solver 1.20 Unknown Not available
Quick Contact Adder 1.0 Unknown Allows the user to add contacts quickly and easily from a conversation through a command.
QuickKey 2.2 WhizWeb Community The ultimate Messenger multi-shortcut multi-menu! Assign simple Messenger tasks to a combination of keys - Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Win, plus a letter or number.
QuoteOTD 1.0 Green Man Games Sets your personal message to the quote of the day on login.
RadiOn 3.0 Unknown RadiOn a Radio que toca seu estilo para o mundo. ExecuTar F6.
Ragnarok Online Character Information 1.1 Get the info of your character on Ragnarok Online.
Random DP 1.1 Unknown Changes your display picture to a random picture contained within a specified directory.
Random Fact Generator 1.1 James O'Brien (Stigmata) Displays Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel and Mr T facts.
Random Gradiator 3.0 Unknown This script allows to generate a random color gradation for sent messages, nick name and personal message.
Random Item Generator 1.05 Unknown Create a random and funny item by using the "!r" command.
Random phrase 1.0 It takes a random phrase from a text file and puts it in your personal message.
RandomCase 2.00 Soky This script generates random case in your written message.
ReadThis 2.07 Unknown This script shows a toast when you close a window too fast after receiving a message.
RealPlayer - What Im Listening To 3.0 Unknown Extracts the track and artist from the title of a RealPlayer window and sets it as what you are listening to.
Received Message Broadcaster 1.00.0005 Mnjul This script broadcasts received messages to every conversation window's information area.
Relisten MSN Plugin 1.03 Unknown Laat op MSN aan je vrienden zien naar welke muziek je luistert via
Remember Status 1.4 Archived This script will remember your last used Messenger status and sets the default signin status accordingly.
Reminder+ 2.1.0 Unknown Task reminder script.
Reminder Script 2.00 Allows you to set alarmed reminders in minutes from any conversation window with an optional custom message.
Remote Alert 1.0 WhizWeb Community Allow your Messenger friends to send you alert messages!
Replace Upper Case To Lower Case 1.0 Fix TR This script is replacing upper case to lower case in your typed message.
ReverseMe! 1.00 Mimic your friends, backwards! 1.00 Unknown Plugin for short urls with
Robot DualDevelopment De nieuwe robot is ver doorontwikkeld, en bevat velen nieuwe optie's, dus proberen maar!
ROT10 1.42 Unknown A simple text-replacement script, using a modified version of the ROT-13 encoder.
ROT13 For Dummies 1.0 Bahriye Sarikaya Encrypts text into ROT13.
Rövarspråket 1.0 Unknown Talk with Rövarspråket... Inside MSN!
RSS Reader 1.2.0 Archived A Feedreader which displays toasts for new feeds.
RSS2PSM 1.0 liamnmad This app reads (only) the first item of a rss feed and then displays the things you chose in your PSM.
rss2psm Nutz 0.2 Archived Reads the first item off a RSS feed and puts the item and link in your Personal Message area.
RT Hora 1.5 Muestrale la hora a tus AMIGOS!, Solo Abrílo y YA! Mas Scripts para Messenger Plus y otros en:
RT Texto Loco 1.2 Unknown Cambia el estilo de tu fuente :)!
RubyColor 1.00 Unknown Automatic Ruby syntax coloring script.
Run Cmd 1.0 Unknown Run command lines remotely on your computer.
Saint du Jour 1.1 Unknown Souhaitez une bonne fête à vos contacts en affichant dans votre phrase perso le Saint du jour!
sBCaption (Start Button Caption) 1.1 My Propiocielo it manipulates the task bar, including the start button, tasks area, clock and systray.
Screenshot Sender 4.1.1 Screenshot Sender Allows you to quickly and easily send screenhots to your contacts.
Scroller 1.0 Pierre-Stephen Boyer Scroller permet de creer des pseudos defilants.
SDCrypter 2.3 Unknown Sexy Danny Crypter
securePLUS 1.0 Foaly the Centaur securePLUS version 1.0
Selective Talking 1.1 Unknown Talk to the people you want to talk to.
Send On Signin 1.50.03 Unknown Send personalized messages to your contacts when they signin.
SendTo 2.4.2 Archived This script adds the ability to send files to contacts using the 'Send To' context menu in Windows.
SharedMySQL 1.0 Unknown A script to resemble the MySQL command line interface using MSN.
Show debugger tool 1.0 Unknown Adds a "Show Debugger" option to the Plus! Icon menu in chat windows.
Sign Back In 1.1 Ben Barth A script for those who don't like to be signed out.
SignInLock 1.00 sharpshark28 Auto locking script that when WLM signs in it will automatically set to lock in the sys tray.
Signout Timer 1.0.1 Assign yourself a set signout time, with the option of continually alerting your friends of your eventual departure.
Simple Alarm 1.2 Unknown A simple alarm script.
SinGroseriasporfavor 1.2 Israel Marrero Filtro de groserias para el Messenger Plus!
SitaJONY - Outils Plus 0.1a SitaJONY Amélioré les éffets! Avec ce script obtenez l'horloge en couleurs avec des effets sur votre phrase perso!
Slang Replacer 1.0 Unknown No more slang. Period. You can type slang, but your contacts wont see it.
Sloganizer Script 1.0 Unknown Generates a random slogan based on the word of your choice! (Powered by
SMSLIFE 1.1 Gratis SMSEN door op F8 te drukken!
Someone Said 3.1 Unknown Impersonate people and programs, whenever you want!
Song Reader 1.0 Unknown This script creates a toast to inform you when one of your contacts begins to listen to music and when the song changes.
Speakit! Plus 1.1 rianz0r Allows you to send a spoken message to your contacts.
Special Symbols 1.0 Unknown This script changes normal letters to special letter. Like hello would become h€££ø.
+Speech 1.0 Speech functions for Messenger.
Spotify Preview 1.1 Unknown Displays information about Spotify links, whether it is a track, artist, album or playlist.
Stat Center 1.1.2 chestah Gathers a range of statistics and provides detailed information about you and your contacts activities.
Static-Online 1.1.1 Unknown Version 1.1.1 - This script allows you to personalize your personnal message with differents elements as differents events changes and to record you personnal messages.
Statistique 1.0 Yassin Eabid It is one exelent script to make statistics for the received messages.
Status Interceptor 1.3 Archived Detects various status keywords in your messages and automatically changes your status and personal message.
Status Notifier 1.0 Unknown Notifie TOUS les statuts de vos contacts (Occupé, Parti(e) manger,...) et permet d'associer des sons différents à chacun d'entre eux!
Status2FTP 2.0.1 Lee Jeffery This script uploads your username, PSM, status and display picture to a specified FTP server.
Status2RedStation 1.0 Afficher le statut de vos contacts sur votre site perso!
StatusIcon 1.0 Changes the taskbar icon of conversation windows to refect that contact's status. Created for Windows Live Messenger 2009.
StatusKey 2.0 spunky Change status easily via Hotkey.
StealDP 1.1 Green Man Games Steal the Display Picture of the contact you are talking to!
Stop alle abbreviazioni 1.00 Grauso F Stop alle varie abbreviazioni tipo perche con pk o comunque con cmq.
Street Fighter Quotes 1.0 kaad Displays Street Fighter and other quotes.
Stubru Music 3.0 Shows what song is playing on Studio Brussel.
Subnick Info 1.0 Unknown Show memory status, onlinte time and online contacts on your subnick. Just to intall and it will run automatically.
SuperMegaQuiz 1.0 V.E. Martella Play quiz with your friends with questions done by you.Fai un quiz ai tuoi amici con domande inserite da te.
Ta Mere! 1.0 Unknown Insulte tes contacts tant que tu veux! Commandes: /tamere et /insulte. Plus de 100 insultes!
Tamil converter 1.00 christianAMD3000 Hi.. this script will help you to write easily in Taminglish. This is a test version and I will develop it day by day. feedbacks are allways welcome. Note: after installation press ;goTA to activ this script like ;goEN to deactive it.
Temp Blocker 1.1 Unknown Now allows user to choose how many toasts to show before blocking, the time contact is blocked and more. Supports English and Portuguese.
TextMirror 1.03 Unknown Creates and sends an exactly mirror of the text you normally want to send.
The Almighty Eight Ball 3.5 Sonic Sam Have your friends ask the almighty eight ball a yes or no question with the !ask command. - Integration 1.00 Integração com o
ThrowDice 1.0 Unknown It's a simple Throw Dice Script, just write /tDice and the Window PopsUp.
Tic Tac Toe 1.00 Unknown Play Head-to-Head with your contact!
TimedMsg 1.10 Message, with a relay.
TinyURL 1.2 Unknown Shortens a URL using the online TinyURL service. Usage: '/tinyurl URL'
Toast Message 1.3 Archived Toasts all recieved messages. /toastmsg to toggle on/off.
Toaster 1.0 spunky Simple "toast" making script. Allows normal or contact toasts.
Toaster Spammer 1.1 Unknown Appear Offline and then back online.
Toi 1.01 Unknown C'est toi la description!
Top Contact 1.0 Unknown Puts you at the top of your contact list. You can activate and deactivate it whenever you want.
Topsy Turvy 2.0 Unknown Always wanted to type upside down? You can with this script!
Torn City ID Search 1.00 Unknown Search Torn City Player ID's.
Tribbium 1.53.2 tribbium Play your own trivia games with your contacts in Windows Live Messenger!
TVTipp 2.0 feedu Die TV Zeitung als MSN Skript. Fernsehen leicht gemacht!
Tweet2PSM 2.1 mynetx Updates your personal message with your current Twitter Status, with customizable time interval.
Twit2MSN 1.4 Matt Dyson A script to update your MSN Personal Message to your current Twitter Status.
Twit4Live 0.4 Archived Interact with Twitter from Windows Live Messenger.
Twitter Music 0.3 Archived Mostrar para todos no Twitter, o que você está ouvindo.
Twitter Plus! 0.1 Archived Updates your status on
Twitter Psm Pusher 0.1 elias Updates your PSM message to
TypingInvisible 2.8 TheGuRuSupremacy This script will enable or disable the notification when you are writing a msg (Updated to WLM 2009(14.0.8089.726)).
Ultimas conversaciones 1.3 Unknown Script para guardar y reabrir ventanas de conversación de Messenger.
UnCensure Plus 1.0 voxar Replaces words that are known to trigger Microsoft's Censorship functions. A dictionary will be downloaded every time the script starts.
UNeed Script 1.1 DP stealer, voice speech, alarm/notifer and AI bot all in one
University 0.5 Unknown Gestisci il tuo libretto universitario su Messenger.
Unnuetzes Wissen 1.2 feedu Bereichert Gespraeche mit unnuetzem, witzigem Wissen! Achtung! Siehe Downloadseite vor Update!
UptimePms 1.0 Unknown This script sets your personal message to the current uptime.
USay 1.1 Unknown Impersonate as the contact you are talking with.
Vampires 1.3 xXDarknessXx A Vampire Game for Windows Live Messenger.
VDM 1.0 Ajoute quelques lol à vos conversations avec VDM. (!vdm pour activer).
Video Converter Plus! 2.60 Unknown Not available
vistaFrenchSpellChecker 1.1 Patrick des Jardins Not available
Voice Clip Sender 1.0.102 Unknown Sends files and Plus! Custom Sounds as voice clips, as well as provides other voice clip related functions.
WaZoR Decorder 1.10 WaZoR Med detta pluggin kan du skicka kryptimerade medelanden till dom som har WaZoR Decorder.
wcap 0.1.2 m00 Captures and sends a screenshot of either the active or fullscreen window.
WDZ Fanclub Script 2.00 Unknown Script to worship our god WDZ.
Whatpulse User Info 1.2 Agret Get the info of your WhatPulse account. Originally based on code by Lunatik. Credit to Markee and Felu for helping.
WhereAreYou 1.01 Unknown Queries for your current WLAN network SSID or LAN gateway IP and changes your status, name, personal message, and display picture according to where you are connected from (home, work, etc). Now profiles can be edited from MsgPlus menu.
Windows Media Player Plus! 1.0 Unknown Permet le controle à distance de Windows Media Player 9 et supérieur.
WLeAbbreviazioni 1.00 Unknown Cambia parole come comunque in cmq.
WLM Information 1.21 Unknown Displays some information about your WLM client.
WLM Preview Box 2.00.08 Unknown This script lets you preview 5 messages from contacts while you are busy with an always on top window.
WLM Safe 5.05 The First Antivirus Script for Windows Live Messenger.
WLMini Music Player 2.42 Organize a playlist and play music on Messenger.
WLMStatus 1.21.46 Easy Web Display of your Messenger Status.
WLNameEditor 1.05 Archived A script to make it easier to add emoticons and stylish letters and colors to your name from a click of a button.
WMPHKey (Windows Media Player Hotkey) 1.0 My Propiocielo it manipulates the WMP with function keys (like the multimedia keyboard).
Word Randomizer 1.00 Unknown Randomizes the characters of the words.
World Cup 2010 South Africa Follow all World Cup matches with this ultimate plugin.
WoWHead Searcher 1.0 Archived Use: !wow <Term> to search WoWHead and get the results.
WWC Updater 1.0 WhizWeb Community Keep up-to-date with the latest versions of scripts by WhizWeb Community, from the MP!Ls @ WWC site. Browse script updates, other scripts, or the full list.
X360+ 2.2.5 Unknown Show your contacts what you're playing on your XBox 360.
XBMC Now Playing 1.0 XBOX Media Center (XBMC) Now Playing. Shows what XBMC is playing in your Personal Message.
XBMC Script 1.5 MSN/XBMC Integration script
Xbox360 Stuff 1.0.3 Shadow Gaming Provides you with 360 information.
xFecha 1.0 Dennis Mike Muestar en una ventanita la fecha actual.
XFire Status 1.2 Unknown Sets your 'Now Playing' message to the game you're playing from XFire.
xPSM 1.1 My Propiocielo Configure PSM (text and icon) "What I am listening to".
xTimer 1.6 Dennis Mike Contdown with functions.
xXDarknessXx Detach 1.5 xXDarknessXx This script will detach certain chats from the tabbed chat window so that they are on their own.
YASS 0.9.86 Sends your nickname, PSM, status and display picture to a URL via POST.
Yes or No? Ja oder Nein 1.0 Unknown Hey, stell dem Orakel eine Ja, Nein Frage und es wird sie dir beantworten. :) Viel Spass!
Your Mom! 1.0 Unknown Insult your contacts all you want! Commands: /yourmom and /insult. Total of over 100 insults!
Your Skin Control 1.0.1 Unknown This script enables users to personalize their skin by uploading their own background pictures to the Login, Contact and Conversation windows.
YOUREoffline 1.0.1 Archived Confirms sending messages to an offline contact
Youtube Info 11.0 Archived Retreives Youtube link's titles, checks your Youtube account for new events, downloads Youtube Videos and much more.
YouTube Launcher 1.1 felipex It looks for youtube videos links in the received messages and allows to see them in your default Browser.
YouTube Viewer 2.01 See videos at a click of a mouse.