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This project (reviving AIM and soon AOL), both the programming aspect and the documentation is a full time job, it's all I do at this point, not that I'm complaining because I do enjoy it. It does, however, cost money to host the site, and for the coming servers, not to mention general cost of living.

When the service is fully operating, it will have more cost associated with it and I don't plan on having ads nor selling private information, certainly never the latter. I want to keep things running with as little downtime as possible, and that unfortunately has costs and time associated with it.

I'm not much of an e-beggar, so I only really know about PayPal for this purpose, so if you're interested in donating, please click the link below and donate whatever you feel like. You can also send directly via PayPal, with the email address

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If you know any more convenient methods people like to use for donations, please let me know on Discord or email

Eventually there will be a thank you page for people who have donated, once I figure out the best way to protect people's privacy. You will be asked before being put on such a page via email, and how you want to be mentioned.


Donate convertly like James Bond or something.


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Major thanks to anyone who helps support this project!

openmemz (openmemz#2827 @ Discord) - $20 USD