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Protecting the privacy of America Online, Inc. ("and all its subsidiaries") members is critical to our business, to our reputation and, of course, to our members. As such, America Online, Inc. requires its agent's employees to execute the following Agreement as a condition to obtaining or maintaining access rights to member data.

I, the undersigned, am an employee of , an AOL agent ("Agent"), ("AOL Agent Employee" or "I"). understand and agree that I am being granted certain rights that allow me access to highly confidential member information through various customer care tools and/or secondary data storage. I commit to use these rights in a manner that will respect America Online, Inc. member privacy and in full compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. My failure to comply with this Agreement will be considered grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of my employment for cause. If I, at any time, determine that I can not comply with this Agreement, I have the obligation to so inform my supervisor ("Supervisor") so that my access rights can be removed. I understand that America Online, Inc. may audit my access to and use of member data and may deny or revoke my access rights at any time.

I understand that my access to member data could be through the use of CRIS, CCS, Workstation, Stratus, Tandem, or any other customer care tools, as well as various secondary storage systems. I will access and use member data only for a legitimate America Online, Inc. business purpose. I will discuss or disclose member information, including screen shots, only with those America Online, Inc. employees or agents who also have a clear America Online, Inc. business need to know such information. I will neither discuss, disclose, nor confirm the existence of member account information from any source to any other person, (except to the verified billing contact of the particular account in question, to comply with legal process if authorized by the Legal Department, or to respond to emergencies under applicable America Online, Inc. policy).

I am and will remain the only individual who is authorized to use my America Online, Inc. account with access to member data. I have not made and will not make my password or information on how to access member data known to any other individual.

If I am in doubt as to whether it is appropriate to access, view, discuss, or disclose member information in a particular situation from any other source, I will contact my Supervisor for direction.

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