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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Jigoy)

For example, one of the foreign call centers has 3 major servers, one for CAT, for Billing and for Techs which are all connected to STRATUS server located on VA (I just dont know if they are using one router for each server). The network OS has two parts. the NOS core which is NOVELL Netware and the NOS shell for the workstations that has WIN98. 90% of all the workstation/PC used are using WIN98 SE operating system bundle with NOVELL netware for clients. By default each computers are not connected to server when you turn 'em on. A network username and password will pop up. One must input a valid user name and password so that you can access the TOOLS/RESOURCES the server has to offer.

Now each user has their own template base on their job descriptions thus this limiting your capabilities to access resources which are not related to your job at AOL. COACHEs and MANAGERs has a special template of course wherein they have a wide range of access from employee database, complete AOL tool access up to CLICK2COACH software. CLICK2COACH software, is the tools supervisors and managers are using to monitor every activity an employee is doing once they are log on the NETWORK.

Functions such as keylogger, screen shot capture and bump user from network are some of the many feature this software has to offer. But this access are lame compare to the SUPERUSERs or the ADMIN access rights, only NOC and OPS has this template. One of the special tool they are using is the DRAGON software which is an Enterprise software for big companies. Basically this is a SNIFFER like what the FBI are using like CARNIVORE. However there is special department that handles this area and they call 'em self the DRAGON master. They have the capability of knowing your every tiny little bit you are doing once login to the network and even off campus once you sign on to your AOL internal account. They can also identify what is displayed on your SID even they don't have it.

Hmmm, this makes me wonder that AOL has this SID server or what ever they call it that handles the binded Secure ID value for each internal account. AOL knows that SecurID system is a major defense against hackers. Knowing this lame internals are so confident that they can simply used any lame password for their account which they can easily remember. I have seen an employee once using '123456' as his password. And I told him that was funny and he told me that's the power of having SID... What a pity...