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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Tau)

In this step you will manually alter AOL 2.5's program files to allow more than one AOL version to be loaded. More specifically, change the name AOL2.5 searches for to "AOL Frame26" A detailed description of cloning can be found at the cloning tutorial.

  1. Download a hex editor, such as UltraEdit-32 or HxD.
  2. Open UltraEdit via the Start Menu.
  3. In UltraEdit, click File | Open or press CTRL+O.
  4. Navigate to the AOL 2.5 folder (e.g. C:\AOL2.5) and open waol.exe.
  5. Click Search | Find or press CTRL+F.
  6. In the "Find What" text box type "AOL Frame25" (without the quotes.) Put a check mark in the box that says "Find ASCII" and then click "Find Next".
  7. Now click on the 5 in "AOL Frame25" and simply change it to a 6.
  8. Now save it by press File | Save or press CTRL+S.

Now, if you just came from the cloning tutorial go back and finish what you started.