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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Cam0 on 2004-02-19)

AOL didn't really know about this trick at all... the reason it is now inactive is because the 2.5 revisions were disabled in making New Accounts.

A requirement for this exploit is an AOL client (4.0 or 5.0 ONLY) and the AOL Star Tool (Master AOL).

Open your client (make sure you are signed off) and go to "Set Version Number" in the star menu.

AOL-Files Fakes revision.jpg

Change your revision to 99.1 which is demonstrated above.

Sign on to New User and input a certificate like the one used below.

AOL-Files Fakes cert.jpg

Next you should see the Address Screen. This screen is bogus, just enter random information that makes absolutely no sense.

Once you reach the Credit Card Screen, enter a generated card number that follows the bank's algorithm. Test cards such as 4111-1111-1111-1111 also worked in this trick.

Click Continue, once you received the Authorization Failed Message.

Now for the exploit!

By sending the Token (aV, 1) you would bypass the check and the Terms of Service Screen would come up. An alternative method was invoking "f1 2743008" which was the Prepaid AOL Form. Click OK and there was ths TOS form.

This could be combined with the Suspended AIM exploit as well. These temporary accounts had been traced down to the certificate that was making the accounts and began knocking them off every 15 minutes.

This exploit no longer works as of February 7, 2004.