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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Rob)

I'm sure you've seen a link to a web site that when you hover over it it says "On AOL only"

The above picture shows the "On AOL only" bubble, even though the link sends you to http://hometown.aol.com, obviously not actually on AOL.

There are several common ways to make this happen:

  1. aol://4344:PP:0:,http://www.fdo-files.com [aol://4344:PP:0:,http://www.fdo-files.com Try It!]
  2. aol://1223:0/http://www.fdo-files.com [aol://1223:0/http://www.fdo-files.com Try It!]
  3. aol://1722:http://www.fdo-files.com [aol://1722:http://www.fdo-files.com Try It!] (this might not work on all clients)

and the easiest way which I haven't seen many people use . . .

  1. aol://2000:http://www.fdo-files.com [aol://2000:http://www.fdo-files.com Try It!]

You can add all kinds of numbers in there to make it look complicated, like aol://4344:PP:55001114:13103763,http://www.fdo-files.com/, but those will work just fine. I think AOL uses the numbers to track stuff, but don't quote me on that.