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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Rob, updated by Cam0)

Create a screen name with the string AO at the end, something lame like ExploitGayAO. Now, delete the name and try to make it again, obviously it's not availible, but AOL will return an alternative, something like ExploitGayAO156. You can amaze your friends as you have your own 'restricted' screen name since AO1 and TO5 are restricted in a screen name, yes this is kinda gay, but why not?

Due to AOL implenting the new screen name forms you can no longer do this exploit on certain versions. Alternative methods are by using another service such as CompuServe or WalMart Connect (Spinoffs of AOL). If you use a low version such as Canadian AOL 3.0 you can use the old screen name forms as well (token nA and na).

Some other number related restricted prefixes are...

  • A01
  • Ao1
  • CO5
  • C05
  • LDR5
  • HOS7
  • Guid3