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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Rainbow)

Found by Xeon & Cam0

Well, to start this off, Cam0 has told me that it all began with a simple IP scan with a program created by AngryZiber. Cam0 claims that he never scanned a foreign range before and attempted to go and scout and see what he could find. To his knowledge, Cam0 had a misconfigured AOL websites located in France. The site was hosted on fas.aol.fr but by doing it as http://IP he was able to view the Directory Root.

Cam0 then told me that he went into the /CONFIG/ directory which contained the biggest piece of the puzzle, Jewoks.conf. The JEWOKS had contained a DES_KEY which nobody could find out how to use. However, Xeon, one of Cam0's friends had began talking to Cam0 about how the DES KEY worked. It was basically a random key that put into the DES mode could encrypt/decrypt anything you input.

"And it just had to be free.aol.com didn't it", Cam0's exact words were. Because of CompuServe being how it is, outdated and such, he just tried to see what he could do.

"Earlier probably after the suspended AIM to AOL exploit died (the @school trick), I had obtained this and was putting suspended names on AOL through free.aol.com but the administrator, (guy named John) had noticed something fishy, next week the whole web server was updated to a new type of directive.adp script which had been patched.

Cam0 had told me that he had it lying on his computer for no reason, the EXE compiled by Xeon was made with the new VB.NET from Microsoft, 'ewoks2.exe' the exact filename if you want to be technical, was the file used to create this trick.

It was basically by just using the archive tool on www.archive.org, I find many things on there cam0 had said.

You could do the following and put any deleted name on AOL, to this day I have been told by Xeon and Cam0 that it does still work.

  1. Get the encrypter/decrypter software (Ewoks2).
  2. Go to http://free.cs.com/trycsfree/wr4_cntrl/mem_info.adp
  3. Continue with any information you need and put in a name that doesn't exist.
  4. Upon feedback, take out the encryption, decrypt it, and replace the old screen name and password with the data of the deleted name.
  5. Load that html back up and boom, continue the process and you should be greeted with a Congratulations page.

The original EWOKS2 is no longer available and will not be posted. However you can all use Phrea's version of it called EwoksCrypt,