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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Rogers)

This is an "exploit" a lot of people have been asking me for because I made 80 registered AIM names in one day. I would post this on my site, www.rogersfx.cjb.net, but I dont have much AOL related stuff there so I decided to send it here.

How its done It's all pretty simple and now you can all have fun. Why would you want 100 some odd AIMs made in one day? Well people use them to spam (I don't) or to IM bomb people (I did... a lot). You can use ChiChis AIM Spammer 2 or Jim N Mikeys VIP Spammer (Though I'm told this doesn't work anymore). Now onto the steps.

  1. Make an account on www.cjb.net. Use your email address and check e-mail fowarding as yes.
  2. You'll need a proxy. AOL only allows two new AIMs per host mask per day (blah23908.ipt.aol.com, etc, etc). Two good proxies I use are www.anonymizer.com and www.spaceproxy.com point your browser to one of those sites and through there navigate to aim.aol.com and click "Register an New Screen Name"
  3. Type in a new screen name and password. Now for the e-mail address type whatever@blah.cjb.net and replace the 'blah' with whatever the name of your cjb account is. Make the AIM.
  4. When it is successful hit back, change the screen name and the e-mail address keeping it as a random address @blah.cjb.net replacing 'blah' with the name of your cjb account.
  5. Keep repeating. Now check your e-mail that you registered your cjb.net account to. You should see a whole lot of AIM registration requests. Go through all of them and reply with 'OK' and all your AIMs will be registered.

Final Thought

Well this works suprisingly well. What's it good for? Well for spammers its priceless and there's this thing called an IM bomb that signs onto all your AIMs and uses them to simultaneously IM someone. Imagine getting 300 IMs at once from different screen names. AOL will be stuck for a few minutes. If you do it to someone on aim AIM just closes without any error message or anything and then refuses to open back up until you restart. It's been done to me, not fun at all.

Will AOL fix it? I imagine so. All they have to do is add e-mail verification making it so you have to send your reply from the address you registered the AIM with. No biggie.

Thank you, RogersRogersFX Designs 2000