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If you ever want to load a tool twice for some reason or just morph a tool (like Mad Misery did with master.aol 3.0) there is an easy way to do this. For example lets say I wanted to change master.aol's ID so that AOL wouldn't say "Not Authorized to use the master tool." All you have to do is first run the manage tool option under master.aol 3.0 and get the current Tool ID (TID) of the tool you want to morph.

Lets say I wanted to morph the master tool (current ID 38) to an unused ID like 1004. To morph, open the tool with your favorite hex editor...(I prefer HxD) goto the bottom of the tool until you see "AOL_MODULE_INFO..." Now right after this line the tool ID is present (38). To morph the tool simply edit this number only to 1004 (or whatever). Since supersub.dll only requests this information from a tool it loads, the tool is completely morphed.

Remember not all IDs will work but most do. To see if you really got this morphing thing down, run Misery's Run_1st.exe. Now instead of using Misery's morphed tool (by ruuning the Run_2nd.exe) try to do it yourself. Remember you need the TID of master. aol before you can morph it.

Now with most tools you can do a "Find and Replace" from your hex editor and just replace all TIDs with the desired TID, and this will save you some time by not having to find the "AOL_MODULE_INFO." Remember be creative and change some IDs....I can get four master.aol loaded, a designer, a RAINMAN, an area manager, and the art tool loaded all at the same time.