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ad hotspot -- a designation of a graphic which is hotlinkable.

argument -- the second part of a token/arg that gives you the resource's (ie..conference room or file library) number.

auditorium -- a type of token/arg that will reference an auditorium.

changeable background -- a form that allows its background to be changed with different patterns.

conference -- a type of token/arg that will reference a conference room.

content -- informational text and/or links presented in an area.

delimiter -- signifies the beginning of a command.

examine object information (EOI) -- a tool in RAINMAN used to get various information about an object and/or its links.

form -- any template with fields and/or a listbox to be filled using RAINMAN.

grinder -- an external tool which combines scripts and graphics to an attached file.

group -- a place where RAINMAN stores information which it is sent.

hotlink -- a button that leads to another RAINMAN object.

hyperlink -- a blue, underlined link that leads to a URL.

hypertext markup language (HTML) -- a programming language used to design webpages, but in RAINMAN, commands which produce stylized text and hyperlinks.

listbox -- a RAINMAN object designed to hold other objects.

msg_board -- a type of token/arg that will reference an old style message board.

netaddress -- a RAINMAN object which links to a website, newsgroup, or in some cases, other AOL sites.

object -- any item created or referenced to, using RAINMAN.

old_form -- a type of token/arg that will reference an object built before RAINMAN was created.

page -- any RAINMAN object created using a form.

password -- a 4-8 character string required to send any RAINMAN scripts.

plusgroup -- a way for areas to track their member usage.

RAINMANable mail form -- a special type of form driven e-mail that lets you choose who the mail goes to.

script -- a set of RAINMAN commands placed together to perform a specific action.

search_db -- a type of token/arg that will reference a search database.

searchable database -- an item which enables people to search through the RAINMAN objects in a group.

soft_lib -- a type of token/arg that will reference a software library.

token -- the first part of a token/arg which, in a token/arg, tells RAINMAN what type of object you are referencing.

token/arg -- an object which links to other online areas, including file libraries and conference rooms.

universal resource locator (URL) -- an object's "keyword", or a website address.

user name -- the screenname of the last person to manipulate an object.

viewrights -- a designation on a screenname which allows the user to view external IDs in listboxes.

viewrule -- a special condition or conditions that must be met in order to be able to go to/view an object.

web hybrid form (aka HTML by Field form) -- a form that enables a link to a website and plusgrouping and is used to replace netaddresses to websites.