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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member The Knight)

Platform this document will be discussed on will be WAOL/MAC

Token Family: Register

After you enter a valid certificate and password, you are enabled to bring up the screen name window at any time.

The token that attempts to select the screen name for you is "as".

When the screen name you choose has a NULL value, AOL will return the error message "Please enter a screen name."

When the screen name length is over ten characters, you will receive the error message "Screen name too long."

When the screen name length is under three characters, you will receive the error message "Screen names must be at least 3 characters long. Please select a longer name."

When the screen name contains strings that are blocked by AOL, you will receive the error message "That screen name is restricted. Please select another name."

When the screen name contains characters other than the following two sets: A-Z, 0-9, and a space, AOL will send back the error message "Screen names may only contain numbers and letters. Please select another name."

If the screen name you selected is already in use, the new screen name that will be chosen for you as an alternate screen will depend on a random selection in which you put for your first and last name on the address information window.

The function that selects your alternate screen name automatically capitalizes the first letter of the screen name it selects for you. For example, if your first name was "mark" and your last name was "johnson", the screen name that gets returned to you might look something along the lines of "JohnsMar". Now "JohnsMar" will be in the screen name buffer until you select another name that is not taken. Once AOL selects an alternate screen name for you, they will not select another alternate name.

Once any screen name that is set into the buffer, the name will be added to the names file. If you disconnect from AOL after you have chosen a screen name, the screen name you selected will eventually be eliminated from the names file within one to ten minutes.

Once you select a screen name that is not currently in use, a confirmation will appear that tells you the screen name you selected.

When you click Continue on this window, you will be brought to the Set Password window. Once you've sent the password token, AOL will make your new account, with whatever screen name that was last put into the screen name buffer.