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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member Tau)

Digital City CL's today received e-mails stating that they were fired. The e-mail said that they had not been fulfilling their duties and gave them instructions on how to delete the CL screen names from their account. Viowatch, the person who thought up this practical joke, sent official looking e-mails to the master screen names of all the Digital City CL's. The e-mail said:

Hello Digital City Volunteer!

For all the Digital City ACI Team I wish you and your family a wonderful new year and prosperity. However, I am emailing you for another reason. During a year end audit of our CL reports, we came to the conclusion you have not met the minimum requirements set out in the Digital City Agreement you signed upon becoming a CL. Therefore, it saddens me to tell you that your services as a CL are no longer wanted. Please follow the instructions below immediately. If you still have your Digital City CL name (example: host local bear, ldrs local bear), you will receive an email from TOSNames and you will receive a TOS violation. Please take this seriously.

Step 1: Sign on your CL name and save your buddylist and emails if you want.
Step 2: Sign on your master screen name.
Step 3: Go to keyword: Names, and delete your CL name.

That's it! Please remember everything you saw in Digital City was confidential: please do not share with anyone. If you want to reapply in 6 months that is fine.

Thank you!

Christina Lynch
ACI Leader

As you can imagine, this e-mail greatly worried many CL's and fear that their accounts would be terminated if they didn't delete the screen names that their account would immediately be terminated. Immediately, nearly 50 of the Digital City CL screen names were delted.

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The responses of the CL's are shown below.

HI I have not received my CL name yet, and I am taking a class tonight, according to my mentor everything is up to date?

:) Dyana :)

Well i would like to have a good reason for this. I mean I never even got to get registered for the Host name and then you send me this saying im not wanted. I'd like to know what is going on. If this is the way AOL is going to treat people maybe I should think about getting another ISP. No wonder so many people are leaveing off AOL anymore. Thanks but no thanks, I was signing up to offer my services and knowledge of AOL to other members but if this is the way your going to treat people I'm not gonna waste my time.

I would like an explanation as to what I didn't meet.Exactly which requirements please? I Co-hosted last night when I could of had that night off cause of my Birthday.I am confused so if you could let me know what exactly happened I would appreciate it.The name is no longer on my account I did all the steps.It's just bugging me as to what happened.


Did it already

LOL... Christina Iynch? LOL LOL Thanks for the LAUGH. Gotta run.... but not before I tell everyone about your stupid attempt.

Dearest Christina,

I was wondering if you could please elaberate on your reasons for releasing me I don't understand why.. I have put my time in as scheduled and never missed, I have followed all the guidelines for being a host and have not missed filling out my reports. Forgive me if I seem just a little confused as to why I am being released but I have volunteered a lot of my time to accomplish what I have and feel I deserve more than that I have not met my requirements. What have I Done wrong? Or What didnt I do right?


Please inform me as to why I have not met the requirements , I have tried to get everything I was asked of, have complied with all the messages I have been sent, and have yet to get assistance needed to get my cl started. If I have not met something I was required to do, then it is not my fault. if there are other reasons as to why I would like to be informed of them.

i was lost in the halls for a while, i did all of my training in a short amount of time and am signed up for classes both tonite and next tuesday..... if you remember correctly, i was emailing everyone asking them what to do, and noone could seem to help me. i worked with carol crow, lin g. dantonio and then have been working with Host Local Jamin to fly thru training.

Please tell me that I am ok to go on with this. i cancelled many things prior to the holiday season to be able to finish my training. i even stayed up on nights where i should have been sleeping (as i am a teacher) to do classes.

please let me know if there is anything you can do.

Ummmmmm.....how could i complete my training? I'm still waiting on conversion!! I've been working with my mentor..HOST Local Mel as to why, even took the security exam twice!! I think this is very unfair...I've done all I can do...someone dropped the ball on my conversion. I never got the chance to become a host. Can you contact Missy and discuss this with her? I really want to finish my training..

I think I am caught in the Twilight Zone. I have already been removed from CL status due to illness. I was working with Julianne to get reinstated. I received an e-mail from Kristin Harmel wanting to know what was happening. She told me Julianne was ill but that she would get someone else to get me reinstated. She told me this <<>> I hope this will be helpful in getting this situation resolved. Thank you. Tammy Turner

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of Digital City an hope that one day in the near future I can be apart of it again.

you ever have a real job???? Cause AOL don't have any real jobs. I worked for them, they suck. Wait til they want to cut some heads.

Well, I've been waiting for this for awhile. I haven't cared about this for about 3 years. I will delete the name, and let me tell you if I DO get a TOS violation for the name, your ass and AOL's would be spinning so fast, you'd go strait into the ground after I got done with you.

I haven't had time for this at all between work and all, I was just cheap and liked the free account! LOL

I'm not sure what's going on here & would like for you to explain this to me please, I have just received a letter yesterday from the Digital City team, that stated they would love to have me on the team, so why am I being turned down for it now.

Please explain the minimum requirements that I should have followed. I was waiting on a e mail to let me know what to do next.

I do expect a response to this E-mail and would like to know what the meaning of not doing the required time is.. I have taken on the most cities in my area and also do whatever is ask of me.. SO IF THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, then what the hell is??

What is this.. I have done all that is required of my time with DCI.. so what is deleting my name and no longer needed.. I took on more than enough and supported the team in all the ways needed and also did help others out when needed.  If this E-mail is real then it is a lie.  I have also brought others to the family of DCI and why is this mailed to my main screen name and not my DCI name???

Thanx Christina for that info. I feel so releived!!!!


I am honestly confused, I was told all I had to do was take that one class and that was it. I have taken alot of classes in the past as well as being an empowered host. I have waited 3 months for all this to take place and now you tell me I am not qaulified?? Please let me know what is going on. I have taken all the CL required classes in the past as well as extra to become a empowered host, next month I would of been hosting 3 years total. I really wanted to join this team, if I still can let me know, I am willing to re do some classes if needed.

I find this interesting and unfortunate given the fact that I feel that my services were never really wanted in the first place. My training dragged on and my co-hosting was never complete. I would show up for co-hosting and my co-host would not. I became discouraged. Never had a chance with you all. Thank you for allowing me to be part of digital cities CL program even on the limited bases it was on. Am I to understand your letter correctly that I am going to get a TOS for having a CL name? Or is it that I will if I do not delete my host name ? Please advise me as soon as possible. Thank you

Don't you wish you could see these people's faces when they find out it was a joke?