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(Originally by AOL-Files staff member The Knight)

This will explain America Online with the enhancements of a SecurID card, it will explain how the card works, and what it has to do with America Online.

What is SecurID?

SecurID is a feature brought to you by Security Dynamics. Its not just for America Online, it can be used for alot of different networks, but this text file will explain what it does for America Online and why. SecurID is a small card, with a Serial number, and a PIN number. The PIN number changes every 60 seconds.

What does SecurID have to do with America Online?

Any SecurID card can be binded to an AOL Account by going to keyword: SecurID on the America Online service. It will ask you for the Serial Number and PIN number, once these have been entered, click OK. It will either give you a error message or say "Key Successfully Bound."

Keyword: SecurID is different depending on the Account type you are on. If the account is a regular member account, Community Leader, or Overhead, it will just ask for Serial number and PIN number.

Internal Accounts

When you goto Keyword: SecurID, on an internal account, it gives you two other options:

  1. Challenge Off Campus
  2. Challenge Always (On Campus and Off)

If you choose the first one, it will only prompt for SecurID when your not on the internal aol network. If you are on the internal network, the SecurID window will not come up. If you choose the second one, the SecurID window will always be prompted, if your on the internal net or not, it will still come up.

How do you unbind your SecurID?

The process can be reversed by signing on the successfully bound account, and going to keyword: SecurID, it will ask for Serial number and PIN number, if given correctly it will say 'Key Successfully Unbound."

Can you unbind SecurID from an Internal Account?

You used to be able to by the same method mentioned above, but since The Knight made a scam letter and emailed it to the Internal SecurID accounts he had the passwords for, asking them to unbind there SecurID for whatever reason, now internals have to call Operations Security to remove there SecurID.

Can you bypass SecurID?

The ONLY three ways to sign on a SecurID Bound Account are:

Normal Account:

When prompted for SecurID, click the Lost Key button. Now enter all the information it asks for the account. Then the SecurID will be unbound.

Overhead Account:

No way possible.

Internal Account:

If the Internal Account had the option 'Challenge off campus' when he binded his SecurID Key to his AOL Account, then it is quite easy to get rid of the SecurID popup window. All you do is sign on to America Online from the Internal Ethernet.

Internal Ethernet:

America Online's Local Area Network assign each computer hooked up to it a ip address. These ip address's do not exist on the internet. If they did, then it would be very easy to root one of the ip address's. America Online calls its LAN the internal Ethernet.

Each internal Ethernet IP has the ip mask of "10.*.*.*". When the america online host, see's that a connection is trying to be made from one of these kinds of ip address's, and you try to sign on a SecurID Internal. It will skip the SecurID popup window. And assign you the viewrule "151". Instead of "10" or "1557". Alot of the best keywords and tokens are viewrule 151, such as keyword: CRIS, and KM. OpsSec is assigned the viewrule "1558". Which means you need to be signed on from the Internal Ethernet or be signed on with SecurID Bound.