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AOL Underground

This is our archive of the AOL Underground podcast, which is still running so please go there and show your support! It contains a lot of great interviews and we worry that it may disappear or may not reach enough people, so we keep a copy here. This copy may not always be up to date so please check their web site and spread the word to anyone interested in AOL underground history.

One of the additional reasons we archived here is that the mp3-downloads are rather slow, so we wish to take some of the load off the host's bandwidth. You should, however, again show your support by subscribing and voting/rating the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

And some of the podcasts contain foul language so be careful before blasting it at work or church.

Download Date Interviewee Topic Description
Download 2022-07-31 Former Employees Staff from 1987-2007 Staff with over 35 years combined experience talk about their experience while working at AOL.
Download 2022-07-28 Surf Kahuna (part 2) He finishes his origin story and what he learned from it. Then Steve and Ryan talk espionage, multiple Advanced Persistent Threats, retro gaming, password spraying, ransomware, and more.
Download 2022-07-25 Surf Kahuna (part 1) Shares his story Ryan Chapman shares his origin story, and events that occurred on AOL that rocked his world and changed his future
Download 2022-07-22 hiwind Started programming at a very early age, became addicted Somehow found a way to keep programming and being on AOL without ever having a computer of his own
Download 2022-07-20 keeb Chat with @keeb about his keeb.bas file His first phishing website, creating chat coms in any text field, high school programming, and his career in business development.
Download 2022-06-25 z0ne Our first return guest Topics: Room laggers (cloners), room takeovers, Getting arrested. Spamming for signups, Spin-off accounts, and more!
Download 2022-06-20 tagz and shellz Chat with tagz and shellz Being a noob, getting Sub7’d, the death of AOL, rap battles, deltrees, a credit card trojan, exploits, swatting, and silence the blind hacker
Download 2022-06-25 PoSsE4uS (part 2) The future of ReAOL and how to help We cover the future of ReAOL, using different versions of the AOL client, how you can help the project, thank you list, and depression
Download 2022-06-18 PoSsE4uS (part 1) Origins and ReAOL PoSsE4uS reveals his origin story and the genesis of the ReAOL project
Download 2022-06-10 cam0 (part 3) Hacking Twitter Explains how he took over Burger King and Jeep's twitter accounts
Download 2022-06-09 cam0 (part 2) Paris Hilton, Sidekick, Prison, and the Police Talks about how he hacked Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick, prison, and hacking the police department
Download 2022-06-08 cam0 (part 1) Social engineering and hacking AOL Socially engineering AOL employees, hacking Merlin, trojans, botnets, and the EWOKS private key
Download 2022-05-27 Emerge Conference calls, startups, and web 3 Emerge tells us about when he cracked AOL conference calls and pranked called some folks. He also talks about his start up, web 3.0, and NFTs.
Download 2022-05-23 YTCracker YTCracker takes AOL hacking to a whole new level Phishing employees, pwning the Customer Records Information...
Download 2022-05-10 Tau Co-Creator of AOL-Files Tau, co-creator of the original aol-files.com takes us down memory lane.
Download 2022-01-07 Da Chronic Creator of AOHell and Automated Phishing In 1995 Da Chronic released a program called "AO Hell" that wreaked havoc on America Online.
Download 2021-10-16 Lucid Fake Credit Cards, Law & Order Learn how Lucid generated his own fake credit cards and what happened after his house got raided by the cops.
Download 2021-10-08 FLaMe Cracking, Carding, and Spamming on AOL in the 90s Chat with FLaMe about cracking, carding, and spamming
Download 2021-09-15 z0ne Programming, Cracking, and Spamming on AIM and Twitter in the 2000s Chat with the creator of Doom Cracker and Spambo; z0ne
Download 2021-09-13 HoSS Programming Chaos on AOL in the 90s... and a new Wife! Chat with the co-creator of The ExorCiST and Super Mad Cow; HoSS.
Download 2021-09-12 Info Trailer Trailer Episode for AOL Underground, with HoSS and z0ne