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AOL Protocol
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an token arguments

Argument Description
3 Are You Sure You Want to Cancel Your Registration?
4 Thanks for Trying!
5 Create Your America Online Account Now
6 Member Information
7 Member Information
8 How Your AOL Membership Works
9 Welcome to America Online!
10 Choose a Billing Method
11 Choose a billing method.
12 Billing Information
13 To Use Your Checking Account�
14 To Use Your Checking Account�
15 Transit Number Information
16 Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer
17 Conditions of AOL Membership
18 Choosing a screen name
20 Choosing a screen name
21 Choose Your Password
23 Getting To Know America Online.
24 Welcome to America Online!
25 Create Your America Online
31 Member Information
34 Sorry, That Screen Name Is Taken
37 AOL Member Agreement
38 Billing Information
39 America Online Member Directory
40 Edit Your Online Profile
41 Verify Your Billing Information
42 Checking Account Information (continued)
43 AOL's Terms of Service Agreement
44 AOL's Terms of Service Agreement
45 Create Your America Online
47 Invalid Registration for this Country
48 Confirm Your Screen Name
49 Billing Information
50 Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer
60 Your AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name
61 Choose Your Password
62 Billing Information for your AOL and AIM Accounts
66 Invoicing for Business
67 Sorry, the Phone Bill payment method�
75 (Price Plans)
76 Your America Online Membership
77 Your America Online Membership
78 Your America Online Membership
79 Your America Online Membership
80 Your America Online Membership
81 Your America Online Membership
83 It's Your Choice...
84 It's Your Choice...
85 It's Your Choice...
86 It's Your Choice...
87 It's Your Choice...