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This page is about WebAPI enumerations, in a series for the WebAPI reference manual. These enumerations are constants, used by Web AIM types and methods.


The return format of the APIs

Values Description
json JSON Format
xml Simple XML Format
php Serialized PHP
amf0 Flash binary AMF0 format
amf3 Flash binary AMF3 format

Presence State

The presence state values of an AIM ID. An AIM ID can be in any one of these states.

Values Description
online Online State
invisible Invisible - Only valid in myInfo objects
notFound For email lookups the address was not found
idle Idle State
away Away State
mobile Mobile State
offline Offline State

User Type

The type of user

Values Description
aim AIM or NINA
icq ICQ
sms SMS phone number
interop Gatewayed from another network

Event Type

Web AIM supports multiple different event types. Each event type needs to be explicitly subscribed to (except for sessionEndedEvent) when calling startSession. Since the different events occur asynchronously, calls to the fetchEvents method will return them.

Subscribing to the buddylist event is what makes the user appear online to everyone else, so not subscribing will cause the user to appear offline to everyone except those IMed. This way it is possible to build a widget that only appears online to those the user is having a conversation with.

Values Description
myInfo Information about oneself
presence Presence changes about a buddy on the Buddy List
buddylist Buddylist change, replace the current Buddy List with this one
typing Typing indicator status change
im Instant Message
dataIM Data Instant Message
clientError Client Error
sessionEnded Session ended, do not call fetchEvents anymore
offlineIM Offline Instant Message
sentIM Keep track of IMs sent
sentDataIM Keep track of data IMs sent

Typing Status

The current IM typing status generated by setTyping

Values Description
none Previously was in typing or typed status and has erased all their text
typing Started typing, only send on transition not for every key press
typed Previously typing and now has stopped typing - recommend only using after typing has stopped for at least 3 seconds

Expression Type

The type of expression data

Values Description
miniIcon Small icon - displayed on the Buddy List for users on some clients
buddyIcon Large icon - displayed in IM window for most clients
arriveSound Sound associated with the user signing on
departSound Sound associated with the user signing off
imSound Sound associated with the user receiving an IM
imChrome Wallpaper
superBuddy Super Buddy
immersiveChromeXML Immersive Wallpaper
imChromeXML Wallpaper XML
emoticon Return the zipped emoticons

Data IM Type

The type of IM data, not all of these types must be used

Values Description
invite Start a custom session
accept Accept a custom session
deny Deny a custom session
data Send data for a custom session
end End a custom session

Reject Reason

For reject rendezvous

Values Description
unsupported Proposal capability not supported
denied Not authorized or used declined
malformed Proposal malformed
timedOut Attempt to act on proposal timed out
notAvailable Recipient away or busy
resources Recipient had internal error
rateLimited Recipient was rate limited
noData Recipient had nothing to send
version Incompatible version
security Incompatible security setting

IM Channel

Internal channel used for IM

Values Description
text Regular text IM
data Data or Rendezvous IM

Client Error

Reported by client

Values Description
unsupported Channel unsupported by client
malformed Request unrecognizable
channel Channel specific error


The permit/deny mode

Values Description
permitAll Allow all aimIds
permitSome Only aimId's tagged with allow
permitOnList Only aimIds on Buddy List
denySome Denied tagged aimIds
denyAll Allow no one


Result code value

Values Description
0 Success
3 Already Exists
17 Over Buddy Limit
26 Timeout


Various AIM preferences

Values Description
displayLogin [1] Display Buddy List at login
displayEBuddy [1] Whether or not to display the EBuddy group
playEnter [1] Whether or not to play a sound when a buddy enters
playExit [1] Whether or not to play a sound when a buddy exits
viewIMTimestamps [1] Whether or not to display the timestamp in IMs
viewSmilies [1] Whether or not to display :) as a graphic
acceptIcons [1] Accept buddy icons
knockNonAOLIMs [1] Want knock-knocks for IMs from non-NINA users
knockNonListIMs [1] Want knock-knocks for IMs from people not on your Buddy List
discloseIdle [1] Let other users know if you are idle
acceptCustomBart [0] Accept non-official icons, chromes
acceptNonListBart [0] Accept icon, chromes, from non-buddies (official only)
acceptBgs [1] Accept IM window backgrounds
acceptChromes [1] Accept IM window chromes
acceptBLSounds [1] Accept BL arrive/depart sounds
acceptIMsounds [1] Accept IM sounds
noSeeRecentBuddies [0] User does not see RECENT BUDDIES group
acceptSMSLegal [0] User has accepted to SMS legal agreement
enterDoesCRLF [0] Enter does not send IM
playIMSound [1] Play sound on IM receipt
discloseTyping [1] Send typing notifications
acceptSuperIcons [1] Accept 'super- buddies'
acceptBLRichText [1] Display rich-text screennames in Buddy List
reduceIMSound [1] Attenuate IM sounds after first
confirmDirectIM [1] Confirm with local user before starting Direct IM
oneTabbedIMWindow [1] Show all IMs in one tabbed window
buddyInfoOnMouseover [1] Popup information when mouse pauses above buddy
discloseBuddyMatches [1] Let other users know if they have buddy matches
catchIMs [0] For host use only - Clients use CATCH_IMS_FOR_CLIENT
showFriendlyName [1] Show alias instead of screenname?
discloseRadio [1] Buddies know when user listening to NINA radio
showCapabilities [1] Show capabilities in the Buddy List
showBuddyListFilter [1] Show Buddy List filter
showAwayIdle [1] Show away and idle buddies
showMobile [1] Show mobile buddies
sortBuddyList [0] Keep Buddy List sorted a-z
catchIMsForClient [0] IM catcher window enabled?
newMessageSmallNotification [1] show small notification after new message arrives
noFrequentBuddies [0] User does not see FREQUENT BUDDIES group
blogAwayMessages [0] Send away messages to journals ?
blogAIMSigMessages [0] Send AIM signature to journals ?
blogNoComments [0] User allows comments ?
friendOfFriend [0] Allow Friend of Friend queries
friendGetContactList [0] Allow friend to get my Buddy List
compadInit [0] ICQ Compad Init
sendBuddyFeed [1] Send buddy feed - Young Teens(YT)/Kids Only(KO) default to OFF
blkSendIMWhileAway [0] Block send IM while away
showBuddyFeed [1] Show What is New indicator
noSaveVanityInfo [0] Do not save vanity related info (IM sent, idle, etc)
acceptOffLineIM [1] Accept Offline IMs
showGroups [0] ICQ: Show buddies in groups ?
sortGroup [1] ICQ: Sort groups ?
showOffLineBuddies [1] ICQ: Show/Hide offline buddies
expandBuddies [0] ICQ: Show multiline information on some buddies
thirdPartyFeeds [0] BUDDY FEED: Does the owner have 3rd party feeds
notifyReceivedInvite [1] Notify at login about received AIMPages Invitations
apfAutoAccept [0] Auto accept AIMPages Invitations
apfAutoAcceptBuddy [0] If APF_AUTO_ACCEPT & APF_AUTO_ACCEPT_BUDDY, Auto accept invites only from buddies
blockAwayMsgFeed [0] Block feed storage for away messages
blockAIMProfileFeed [0] Block feed storage for AIM Profiles
blockAIMPagesFeed [0] Block feed storage for AIM Pages
blockJournalsFeed [0] Block feed storage for NINA Journals
blockLocationFeed [0] Block feed storage for Location data
blockStickiesFeed [0] Block feed storage for Stickies
blockUncutFeed [0] Block feed storage for Uncut video
blockLinksFeed [0] Block feed storage for Interesting Links
blockAIMBulletinFeed [0] Block feed storage for AIM Bulletins
saveStatusMsg [1] Save status message


Status code from PD operations

Values Description
0 Success
1 Database Error
2 Not Found
12 Over the limit
16 Invalid Nickname