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All of these articles have been written by members of the AOL underground for this site or have given us permission to post their work here. All of the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, if you notice an error in any of the articles please contact the webmaster (webmaster@fdo-files.com) and let us know.

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Want to write an article? We would love it! After being reviewed by the staff your article would be posted on the main page and all the site's visitors would see it. If you are just beginning on AOL but you know something interesting or have some special skill and you want to get your reputation started then this is a good way to do it.

Status of the Exploits

Understand that all of the screenname exploits as well as the other major exploits and loop holes are inactive unless otherwise stated. All of these are intended to teach you about AOL's flaws and past exploits.

Screenname Information

Creating Fake Accounts by Cam0

Another method of creating fake accounts using a new feature of AOL.

Suspended Screenname Exploit by Cam0

This exploit allows anyone with a suspended account and password can turn that deactivated name into an AOL account.

Deleted Screenname Exploit by Cam0

Learn how to turn deleted AIM accounts into AOL accounts.

Suspended AIM to AOL by J

This exploit allows you to make suspended AOL instant messenger screen names into AOL accounts.

AIM Jacking on Macintosh Systems by Tau

How AIM names are being stolen by a loophole in the AOL 2.7 client on Macintosh systems and Hypah's action with it.

Indents and AIM Stealing by BMB

The greatest AIM exploit that there has every been discovered by BMB for use on PCs. In this article he lays out step by step how to make indented screennames and how to steal any AIM screenname.

Restricted Screennames by Tau

Also called the r2k exploit, this exploit allowed regular AOL members to make screennames with restricted strings in them like Host, Guide, AOL, etc. This was done via a flaw in free.aol.com.

Restricted Screennames via keyword Names by Tau

Hours after AOL added a new feature to its screenname creation process that allowed users to choose words to assemble a screenname, a new exploit was discovered that allowed users to make screennames with restricted strings after the 10th character of a screenname.

Making Unlimited AIM Names In a Day by Rogers

Changing your IP address allowed the creation of unlimited AIMs in one day; only two are allowed.

Creating "Dead" Screennames by Tau

Deleting a screenname then switching to it before it was deleted from the system allowed you to be on a dead, aka ded, screenname.

FAQ Regarding the Screenname System by Dracs

Information regarding AOL's screenname functions.

List of Restricted Screennames by BMB

A list of words that cannot be included in a screenname.

Screenname Formatting by Tau

How to add spaces and capitalization to your AOL and AIM screennames using AIM's Format Screenname feature.

Screenname System FAQ 1995 by The Knight

Information on the Screenname Process 1995.

About Restricted Screennames by The Knight

Information about restricted screennames such as releasing screennames, who releases screennames, the screenname system, etc.

Forum Names and Prefixes

Forum Names and the screenname prefixes associated with them.

Creating One and Two Character Names by The Knight

This article explains how one and two character screennames have been created in the past.

Creating Restricted AO1 and TO5 Screennames by Rob

How screennames with AO1 and TO5, both restricted prefixes, were made.

Tips & Tricks

Profile Enhancement by Tau

How to add color and style to profiles by inserting HTML tags.

Roll Dice in Chats by Tau

Simple roll dice command as well as more complicated forms of it.

Chat Exit Trick by Tau

How to stay in a chat room up to 20 minutes after signing offline.

OnlineHost Error by Tau

Sending a specific FDO stream would create an OnlineHost error in the chat room.

Creating "On AOL Only" Links by Rob

Adding a specific string before the URL in a link would produce an "On AOL Only" subtitle to links.

Creating Blocked Chat Rooms by Rob

Entering restriced named rooms.

CL Pin Exploit by Tau

An AOL staff page required the user to put in his or her screenname and pin. A cracker was made and CL pin numbers were being cracked.

Quick Checkout Loophole by Tau

Sending a series of tokens invoked a form with random Quick Checkout member's account information.

Hex Editing

Change the OnlineHost's Name on AOL 2.5 by Tau

The OnlineHost's name could be changed by hex editing AOL 2.5's chat.aol file.

Cloning by Tau

How to sign on more than one screenname by opening two AOL clients.

Sign on Screen Editing by Tau

Edit the screennames on AOL's sign on screen by editing the main.idx file.

Morphing Tools

Information about loading an AOL tool more than once.


A Technical View of the AOL Interior by Jigoy

Take a tour of how the America Online system really works, everything from networking to accounts.

The Numerics of Screennames and Passwords by Fafalone

This article written by Fafalone explains the number of possible screenname and password combinations for an AOL and an AOL Instant Messanger screenname. It becomes apparent while reading this that cracking a random password on any name is next to impossible.

AOL Prank Phone Call by Tau

If you haven't heard this prank phone call before, then you're missing out. It's a must download. You'll be laughing all the way through. Check it out.

Resource Editor by Tau

With the Resource Hacker program you can edit AOL's images including the splash screen and other!

AOL vs. Microsoft by Ranma

Ranma's take on the internal memo found by Viowatch.

Solving Problems by Tau

AOL document given to its employees.

AOL Mail Exploit by Tau

Craig's discovered that by editing the URL of the AOL Mail page he could send mail from any screenname...

How to write TOD files by Lummox

Lummox explains the uses of TOD files as well as how to program your own.

Account Numbers by Tau

An explanation of what account numbers are and how you can get yours.

AOL.de Hacked by Rob

The main AOL site for germany was hacked monday morning (02/26/01)...

Keywords Hacked by BMB by Tau

BMB edited over 100 keywords from a compromised internal account Friday (02/23/01)...

Binary Tutorial by Tau

Learn how to convert base 10 numbers that you are familiar with into base 2 (binary) numbers which consist of 0's and 1's.

Base X Tutorial by Tau

Learn how to convert from base 10 numbers into any base.

Examine Object Information Example

Examine Object Information Example

Etiquette by Tau

Tau's old opinions of how to act and behave properly on AOL. His ideas have changed since this article was written.

Viowatch Strikes Again by Tau

Viowatch e-mailed Digital City CL's telling them that they have been fired. They believed him...

Fafalone's AOL Tech Log by Tau

Fafalone's chat log with an AOL Tech regarding AOL issues.

An AOL Halloween True Horror Story by Duckers55

One member's tale of his encounter with America Online.

AOL Client Versions by BMB

A list of version numbers for Windows AOL clients.

Coding Example

Add Buddies by Tau

This code will go to the Buddy List setup and all all of a user's buddies to a listbox.

Rename the Recycle Bin by Tau

Edit the registry item where the name of the Recycle Bin is stored.

History Change by Tau

Delete selected items from the toolbar history box.

Billing Summary by Tau

This will add up the time each screen name on a account have been online and display it for the user.

Binary Conversion by Tau

This form converts into and out of binary code with options to send chat as well as other useful options.

VB to HTML by Tau

This will color code VB code to the appropriate HTML color.


From what I can tell it is the AOL 3.0 chat room code.

Legal Docs

AOL Inc.'s Terms of Service Agreement by AOL

The agreements between AOL and its members governing member use of the AOL service.

Agreement for Consulting Services by AOL

This generic consulting agreement is for use with consultants who will be providing ongoing services, e.g., management or review services in connection with an online area.

Cable and Wireless Service Level Agreement by AOL

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out the standard of service that Cable & Wireless Communications Services Limited (CWC) will provide to American Online Incorporated (AOL).

America Online, Inc. Agent Confidentiality Agreement by AOL

Confidentiality agreement for CRIS users.

AOL's Domain Names by AOL

A list of domain names obtained by AOL one way or another.


Procedures for Writing File Descriptions - Version 2.0a by AOL

Learn how to write proper file description for AOL's software libraries.

TOSAdvisor Communication with Executives by AOL

Procedures that TOSAdvisor follows when contacted by AOL Executives.

America Online Logos by AOL

The dos and don'ts of creating AOL logos

Technical Information

AOL Technical Glossary by BMB

Some commonly used terms in AOL.

AOL Class Names by Tau

Learn how to distinguish between the 34 different AOL classes with picture examples of each.

The Basics of America Online with the SecurID Card by The Knight

How SecurID on AOL works.

Viewrules by AOL

A list of over 2,000 active viewrules.

Online Host Processes and Architecture by AOL

Written back in 1996. Talks about AOL's various subsystems.

AOL Staff Security by Format

Describes information on SecurID and CRIS.


Introduction to RAINMAN by AOL

Learn about RAINMAN.

RAINMAN Glossary by AOL

Some commonly used RAINMAN-related terms.

Viewing RAINMAN IDs by AOL

Article on using ID View rights