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By WLM 2009, tabs are retrieved in a completely different manner compared to how it was performed on versions 8.5 and below.

In WLM 2009 MsgrConfig:

<LocalizedConfig Market="fr-FR">
         <URL id="1">
         <URL id="2">
         <URL id="3">
         <URL id="4">
         <URL id="5">

`LocalizedConfig` now carries its own `TabConfig` node, which carries a `slots` node defining all URLs WLM must load to retrieve each individual tab configuration.

Each URL defined is expected to return the following response, which has a similar format to the old MsgrConfig tab nodes:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 

Important nodes to note are `image`, `name`, `tooltip`, `contenturl`, and `hiturl`:  
* `image` - Icon the tab will display on Messenger
* `name`- Name of the tab's content (presumably for when the content is opened)
* `tooltip` - Text the tab will display in its tooltip
* `contenturl` - URL to load content from for the tab
* `hiturl` - Assumed to aid in tracking how many people access the tab