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Microsoft Messenger for Mac

These are some of the URLs used by MSN, including the final URLs used in their own shortener domain.


  • MSNP connection; all versions
  • MSNP connection; some betas, including 5.0.0327?
  • HTTP proxy for around the MSNP connection; all versions
  • Provides login url; MSN 5 - 7.0
  • MsgrConfig file that specifies tabs, ads, etc; MSN 6+
  •, IDCRL login; MSN 7.5+
  • SOAP contacts; WLM 8

Non-essential/additional services

  •, Offline messaging servers, send and receive respectively
  • HTTP(S) authentication to Windows Live ID and acquiring of x509 certificates for secure peer-to-peer (p2p) connections for the Sharing Folders feature
  • * Online storage of user tile, status message, display name, and Windows Live Space storage? WLM 8.0+?
  • What's New service; WLM 2009+
  • Software Quality Management; telemetry/log submission
  • URL shortener for various Microsoft/MSN/Live services and downloads
  • "To set an anonymous unique ID for a user to personalize the Windows Live experience"
  • "To access the latest Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in order to check the validity of a certificate"
  • * "Various core Messenger operations. For example, echo servers that are used to establish direct connectivity between two messenger clients for peer-to-peer (p2p) communication when clients are behind firewalls"
  • "Media relay used to transfer binary data (files, voice, or video)"
  • "To download advertising content display in the client and to download ad-sponsored personal expression content, such as display pictures, and emoticons"
  • "Used by Messenger activities/games applications that run inside Messenger applications"
  • "For messenger image files"
  • "For the contact card"
  • "Media relay used for voice" URLs