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This page lists all commands employed by MSNP, for a table showing command support over different versions, see the command table article.

Logon/Dispatch Server

These commands are sent/recieved when connecting to the dispatch server or the notification server. For more detail, see Protocols/MSNP/Notification/Authentication

  • VER - Protocol version
  • CVR - Sends version information
  • INF - List supported authentication systems, now obsolete
  • USR - Authentication command
  • XFR - Redirection to Notification Server

Notification Server

These commands are sent/recieved after logging in through a notification server. For more details, see: Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Presence, Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Challenges, Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Getting Details, Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Setting Details and Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Messages.

Initial syncronisation commands

since MSNP8 or earlier

  • BLP - Initial settings download (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • BPR - Initial settings download (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • GTC - Initial contact list/settings download (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • ILN - Initial contact presence notification
  • LSG - Initial group listing (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • LST - Initial contact listing (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • SYN - Begin contact list synchronization (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • MSG - Initial profile download
  • PRP - Initial mobile settings / display name download

Standard send/recieve commands

since MSNP8 or earlier

  • ADD - Add user to a (contact) list (deprecated as of MSNP11)
  • ADG - Create groups
  • CHG - Change client's online status
  • IMS - Block or allow new switchboard sessions
  • IPG - Incoming page
  • QRY - Response to CHL by client
  • OUT - Gracefully logout
  • PAG - Page someone on MSN mobile device
  • PNG - Client ping
  • QNG - Server response to PNG
  • REA - Change display name (deprecated as of MSNP11)
  • REM - Remove contact (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • REG - Rename group (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • RMG - Remove group (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • SND - Sends a localized chat invitation to an email address
  • SDC - Sends an email invitation to a Passport member with an optional message
  • URL - Retrieve an URL for a specifed service
  • XFR - Requests a new switchboard session

since MSNP11

  • ADC - Add user to a (contact) list (deprecated as of MSNP13)
  • SBS - Unknown
  • SBP - Update buddy's details

since MSNP12

  • LKP - Verifies whether a phone number is valid (for messaging in the MSN system)

since MSNP13

  • ADL - Add users to your contact lists or initial contact list dump
  • FQY - Federated query; Query contact's network types
  • GCF - Get config; Request a configuration file
  • RML - Remove contact
  • UUN - Send sharing invitation or reply to invitation

since MSNP14

  • UUM - to update...

Asynchronous commands

since MSNP8 or earlier

  • CHL - Client challenge (see Protocols/MSNP/MSNP8/Challenges)
  • FLN - Buddy signed off
  • NLN - Buddy signed on/changed presence/changed name
  • NOT - Incoming notification (probably connected with MSN Spaces)
  • RNG - Invitation to a switchboard session

since MSNP11

  • UBX - Informs you with buddy's personal message or current media

since MSNP13

  • RFS - Requests contact list from client
  • UBN - Incoming sharing invitation or reply to invitation

since MSNP14

  • UBM - to update...


These commands are sent/received after connecting to a switchboard session, and are work only on the same session.

  • ANS - Answer an invitation request received from the notification server (join a switchboard session upon client got RNG'd)
  • IRO - Initial Roster
  • USR - Authenticate yourself after requesting SB
  • CAL - Invite a user
  • JOI - Participant has joined
  • MSG - Send / receive messages
  • BYE - Participant has left
  • OUT - Gracefully leave the session