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-- MSNP11 --

Introduced in MSNP11. Works a little different then it's predecessor.

You can add users to your AL BL RL and FL, not your PL. Adding users to your PL results in immediate d/c. Using wrong syntax also results in d/c. Adding users to your FL uses different syntax compared to BL/AL/PL. Note that you _must_ prefix the arguments with "N=" "F=" or "C=".


>>> ADC 50 FL N=name@domain.tld F=name@domain.tld\r\n
<<< ADC 50 FL N=name@domain.tld F=name@domain.tld C=b54cae02-dc8a-447c-8407-f38595ccaba0\r\n

You can send virtually anything for friendly name ("F=" argument), the server will return the same and for as long as you dont get a real friendlyname, the server will return whatever you supplied. N= argument is the email, C= argument is the CID of the user for MSN. You will need this CID to remove someone from your FL as well as add this user to groups.


>>> ADC 50 AL N=name@domain.tld\r\n
<<< ADC 50 AL N=name@domain.tld\r\n

Note that you can add people to your RL, no matter what. You cannot remove them from your RL, only those people can do that, by removing you from their FL (this entails that they must have added you first, before being able to do so). So don't add strangers to your RL, you'll never get rid of them. Note also that adding someone to your RL does not add you to their FL, they must do that themselves.

The FL is limited to 150 contacts, AL BL RL and PL have no known limits.

There used to be a limit where you could not add a user to both the AL and BL, but this limit was lifted. So in effect, it is possible to have somebody on all 5 lists.

When adding somebody to both AL and BL, the BL gets priority (user won't see your online presence) during this session until he's removed from the BL. When a user is on AL and BL when you log in AL gets priority (user can see your online presence), until you add him to your BL again (or remove him from your AL).

Someone on your PL will not receive your online presence until he is at least off the PL list, regardless of being in the AL or not. When somebody adds you to his FL, while not being in your AL or BL, he'll be put in your PL (not your RL). It is your task to move him from the PL to the RL (by adding/removing him manually). Don't forget to add him to the AL in this process.