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This command is used to send information about the client and it's operating system to the server. For the official client, the server then responds with the recommended version of the client to use, the minimum safe version as well as 2 URLs, one a link to the download page for the updated version and one to a page with information about the updated version. If the client is unrecognised by the server, the recommended version is 1.0.0000 and the minimum version is the version number sent by the client in the initial CVR.

Both CVQ and CVR seem synonymous with each other in MSNP and are used interchangeably in this article.

Sent to server


CVR trid localeId osType osVer cpuArch libraryName clientVer clientName passport


Name Type Example Value Summary
trid Transaction ID 1
localeId Hexadecimal number "0x0409" for English (United States) The Protocols/MSNP/Locale ID of the client
osType String "win" for Windows 9x, "winnt" for Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista, etc Operating system family of the client
osVer Decimal number "4.10" for Windows 98, "5.1" for Windows XP Major and Minor version numbers of the client's OS
arch String "i386" for x86 Client hardware platform
libraryName String
  • "MSMSGS" (<5.0)
  • "MSGSTRST" (Messenger 2.2 under certain circumstances)
  • "MSMSGSMARS" (WM4.0)
  • "MSNMSGR" (Current official client)
Name of your client's MSNP library (not the name of the client itself)
clientVer 3-tuple version "6.0.0602" Version of your client
clientName String "MSMSGS" (MSN Messenger), "WindowsMessenger" (Windows Messenger) Name of the client software. Note that both MSN Messenger 4.x and Windows Messenger 4.x used the same MSNP library, hence why they both sent "MSMSGS" as the libraryName parameter
passport Email address "" The user's userHandle/passport email address. This parameter was added in MSNP8.

Server returns


CVR trid rec_ver rec_ver2 min_ver dl_url info_url


  • trid: Transaction ID
  • rec_ver: Recommended client version, "1.0.0000" for unrecognised clients
  • rec_ver2: Always identical to rec_ver
  • min_ver: Minimum safe version, current version for unrecognised clients
  • dl_url: URL to latest version of client
  • info_url: URL with information about client

Other notes

Like with any other command, the server will reply to a CVR command with a CVR reply. For some reason, though, the official client would be just as happy if you replaced CVR with CVQ in the reply.