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MSN Protocol Version 13

Challenges (CHL/QRY)

As of Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0328.

  • Product Key = O4BG@C7BWLYQX?5G
  • Product ID = PROD01065C%ZFN6F

Test Values:

Challenge               Response
11533365622852247127    9f915a001779de72c4610ae0cdaaf254
13038318816579321232    f52409e13833d91f66af73abfced22bf
13676118092332012962    8ee9b9e3de612df16c6d90fb97ea31ce
13864193783049817432    86b019cd254d91bbac4d735fc483af8b
15570131571988941333    47d2b1e24f85947bdd29b3bfe29f027b
23055170411503520698    780ee59b51acfd094658a55181fed7ca
37819769320541083311    bcbdd68ef7399a771ce7e833ab3de67a
42410883202343030311    857b7f573b7c03f90af02e2319c31826
93662730714769834295    1fd1345b59d9e2c1af131e00b51ddb96
95026205105904911133    c95aace04fbe7dacf438030cc0e06240

Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812.00:

  • Product Key: RH96F{PHI8PPX_TJ
  • Product ID: PROD0112J1LW7%NB


As of 14th October 2009, it appears as though Microsoft has upgraded QRY responses for MSNP13 to only work with Protocols/MSNP/MSNP15/Changes keys and ids. Microsoft has been known to change the previous versions of MSNP to correspond with newer versions, likely to maintain backwards compatibility with the Messenger that's shipped with Windows XP by default (Messenger 6?).

This challenge code for VB.Net is known to still work, provided it's used with keys and ids for MSNP15. For implementing the challenge algorithm from scratch, take a look at Protocols/MSNP/MSNP11/Challenges