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Notification Server

The connection to a notification server is the basis of an MSN Messenger session, as it handles your presence information: if you are disconnected from the notification server, you are no longer online to your buddies. The main purpose of the notification server is to handle presence information about yourself and the principals whose presence you've subscribed to.

The notification server also performs some other services like notifying you about new e-mail in your hotmail inbox and letting you create new (or join existing) switchboard sessions. When you're directed to join a switchboard session, you should open a new connection to the switchboard, and keep the notification server open.


A notification server is the server that you will recieve presence information from and authenticate with.

To get to a notification server you will need to first connect to the Protocols/MSNP/Dispatch Server and have it redirect you.

You can treat the Protocols/MSNP/Dispatch Server as a notification server, they both work the same way.

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