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MSNP Protocol
Activity SDK
Introduction to the MSN Messenger Activity API
Key Requirements for a MSN Messenger Activity
Introduction to MSN Messenger Activity API
Overview of MSN Messenger Activity API
Activities Menu
System Requirements
Standard vs. Advanced Applications
Supported Countries and Languages
MSN Messenger Activity API Support
Copyright Information
MSN Messenger Activity API Process
MSN Messenger Activity Process Overview
Supporting Documentation
Requesting Usage of Special Permissions
Submitting Pre-compliance Testing Results
MSN Requirements for Developing an Activity API Application
Additional Activity API Application Development Requirements
Selecting Development Options
Activity API Restrictions
Developing a MSN Messenger Activity
Development Considerations
Getting Started
Required Definitions
Document Body Basics
Single-User Application
Multiuser Application
Designing MSN Messenger Activity Graphics
Testing an Activity
Testing Overview
The Local XML File
Test Environment Setup
Increasing MSN Messenger Activity Usage
Understanding How to Increase Activity Usage with MSN
Design Considerations for Increased Activity Usage
Calling the MSN Messenger Client Directly
Calling the MSN Messenger Client from a URL
Using the MSN Messenger Variables
Technical Reference
Obtaining Access to Restricted Features
Permission Flags
ActiveX Flag
EnableIP Flag
PassportSiteID Flag
ReceiveIM Flag
ReplaceIM Flag
SendFile Flag
SendIM Flag
UserProperties Flag
The Activity Object Model
ConnectionType Enumeration
FileStatus Enumeration
CloseApp Method
Channel Object
OnAppClose Event
OnDataError Event
OnDataReceived Event
OnFileProgress Event (Restricted)
OnFileReceived Event (Restricted)
OnIMReceived Event (Restricted)
OnRemoteAppClosed Event
OnRemoteAppLoaded Event
OnSendFileCancelled Event (Restricted)
OnTypeChanged Event
CancelSendFile Method (Restricted)
EnterIM Method (Restricted)
Initialize Method
SendData Method
SendFile Method (Restricted)
SendIM Method (Restricted)
SendIMAsUser Method (Restricted)
Data Property
Error Property
FileInfo Property (Restricted)
Type Property
IM (read-only) Property (Restricted)
IM (read-write) Property (Restricted)
Error Object
Type Property
Data Property
FileInfo Object
Path Property
Size Property
Progress Property
Incoming Property
Status Property
Messenger Object
Options Method
Phone Method
User Object
EMail Property (Restricted)
GlobalIP Property (Restricted)
LocalIP Property (Restricted)
Name Property (Restricted)
PUID Property (Restricted)
Users Collection
Item Method
_NewEnum Method
Count Property
Me Property
Inviter Property
Error ListCommandsRelying Party SuiteSpotlife
XMPPHTTP GatewayTabsActivities
Development ToolsMSNP Grid
PolygamyURLs used by MSN
Protocol Versions
Version 21
Version 18
Version 16
Version 15
Version 14
Version 13
Version 12
Version 11
Version 9
Version 8
Version 2
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Microsoft Messenger for Mac

Supported Countries and Languages

MSN® Messenger has a worldwide audience of users. To allow your Activity to take advantage of the global reach of MSN, you can develop market-specific (or in some cases, language-specific) versions of your Activity. (For more information about developing language-specific versions of your Activity, see Testing Overview.)

The following table summarizes the MSN-supported countries and languages for your Activity.

Market Language Market Code Market/Country Value
Australia English en-au 3081
Austria German de-at 3079
Belgium(Dutch) Dutch nl-be 2067
Belgium(French) French fr-be 2060
Brazil Portuguese pt-br 1046
Canada(English) English en-ca 4105
Canada(French) French fr-ca 3084
China Simplified Chinese zh-cn 2052
Czech Czech cs-cz 1029
Denmark Danish da-dk 1030
Finland Finnish fi-fi 1035
France French fr-fr 1036
Germany German de-de 1031
Great Britain English en-gb 2057
Greece Greek el-gr 1032
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese zh-hk 3076
Hungary Hungarian hu-hu 1038
India English en-in 16393
Israel Hebrew he-il 1037
Italy Italian it-it 1040
Japan Japanese ja-jp 1041
Korea Korean ko-kr 1042
Latin America Spanish es-la 58378
Malaysia English en-my 17417
Mexico Spanish es-mx 2058
Netherlands Dutch nl-nl 1043
New Zealand English en-nz 5129
Norway Norwegian(Bokmal) nb-no 1044
Norway Norwegian(Nynorsk) nn-no 2068
Poland Polish pl-pl 1045
Portugal Portuguese pt-pt 2070
Russia Russian ru-ru 1049
Saudi Arabia Arabic ar-sa 1025
Saudi Arabia English En-xa 61449
Singapore English en-sg 18441
Slovakia Slovak sk-sk 1051
Slovenia Slovenian sl-si 1060
South Africa English en-za 7177
Spain Spanish es-es 3082
Sweden Swedish sv-se 1053
Switzerland(French) French fr-ch 4108
Switzerland(German) German de-ch 2055
Taiwan Traditional Chinese zh-tw 1028
Turkey Turkish tr-tr 1055
United States(English) English en-us 1033
United States(Spanish) Spanish es-us 21514